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Local Numbers Builds Trust.

Even in the 21st-century world of international commerce, in many ways “all business are local.” That’s why Local Phone Numbers are so important, wherever you do business.

People want to feel a connection with your company and your services. Even if you’re not right down the street, they want to feel you understand life in their neck of the woods, and what they expect from you if they call to do business.

It’s their comfort zone. Nothing says you understand their comfort zone, up close and personal, like Local Phone Numbers. Answering Service Care can provide you with local numbers wherever you do business.

They’re free! Just one of our many standard top-quality service options, all fully customized to meet your needs, budget and exact specifications. No contract, quick setup.

What if you want to expand, maybe even go nationwide? You can’t just move into every city and town and set up shop. Neither can your small business compete with big corporations for advertising time and space. What can you do?

You can “move in” with Local Phone Numbers from Answering Service Care, the industry leader in all telephone answering service.

Some Customers Prefer Local Businesses

Many of your clients and customers may prefer to “stay local” in their business dealings. You can get a lot more referrals and repeat business by “staying local” with your phone numbers. They give your company a hometown feel – and local presence – wherever you do business.

It doesn’t matter what phone numbers you use, however, if your calls are not handled in a courteous, competent and professional manner. Trust Answering Service Care’s highly trained and experienced live operators to treat your callers with the same care and professionalism as you would yourself.

Our operators are fully prepared with all the information they need to help your callers, transfer calls or relay messages, just as if they were in your own office. They bring a friendly, personal touch to every call that conveys the warm family feeling that our company is known for – and that your company will be known for.

Local Phone Numbers

Do you receive a large number of calls?

Local Phone Numbers

If so, you could order multi-path call forwarding from your phone carrier. But then you’d have to pay big bucks to reconfigure your phone service, then pay the phone company again for the additional service. Ridiculous!

Instead, leave everything to the pros at Answering Service Care. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment so we can answer multiple calls to your local numbers simultaneously without batting an eye. You won’t miss a single call!

We never outsource your calls. We speak your language. If you like, we also provide always-on voicemail and other automated telephone answering service using your local numbers.

No matter what profession or business you’re in, or where you do business, Local Phone Numbers give you a competitive edge. They build trust and give your company a “good neighbor” image.

Since our founding in 1974, our family-owned and -operated company has earned trust and customer loyalty by sticking with a simple, dual philosophy: stay current with the latest technology, but never lose the old-fashioned touch – the human touch. Both elements are combined with our Local Phone Numbers.

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We Love Our Happy Clients!

Very nice answering service. The people are very professional and precise. I definitely recommend.
Donna C
Answering Service Care…..why did we not sign up sooner? We have now been with them for a few weeks and knowing that our patients are being taken care of (when we are not there to answer the phones)….just like we take care of them…is so nice. I had a brand new emergency patient’s daughter remark about our answering service….how they even remembered the next day about the pain her Mom had been in…and how is she feeling! I love these people…if they were near where we are…I’d bake them cookies and take them into them!
Heather Y
We used Answering Service Care to handle incoming calls both during business hours and after business hours for our small cleaning service. This company was very professional and offered competitive rates for the services they were providing. If you are looking for an answering service for your business, I would highly recommend considering Answering Service Care to service your needs.
Gary M
Great answering service. I 100% recommend them. A long time client called in and recognized how enthusiastic and professional we were on the phone since hiring answering service care.
Christopher T.