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What’s The Difference Between A Call Center + An Answering Service?

We receive lots of questions about call center services, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to share some information on the differences between call centers and answering services.

A call center is an office or group of offices set up to handle incoming (inbound) and/or outgoing (outbound) calls for a business. These calls and call center services in general are often related to customer support, customer orders/purchases, customer questions, customer returns or customer complaints.

How Call Center Services Differ

The call center telephone agent is the person you might speak with when you call your credit card company, or your bank, or the number on the back of a clothing catalogue or customer service from your favorite eCommerce website.

He or she is your contact to whatever you might need from that company, and if they can’t help you, they will transfer you to someone who can. These call center phone agents act as the face of the company you are calling.

Let’s Compare Call Center Services To Answering Services

An answering service, on the other hand, is in the business of receiving and answering calls for its clients and then relaying messages by one or more of several means such as text message/SMS, email, recording or live relay.

While answering service agents can sometimes provide basic information such as location, hours or website address, and even perform some important functions such as appointment setting, email marketing or on-call scheduling, they are not in a customer service role in the same way that a call center agent is.

Both call centers and answering services are staffed by professional, trained, friendly telephone operator agents who are proficient in their jobs and who have enormous patience, flexibility and compassion.

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Industries We Serve

A medical professional answering a phone call


We work closely with medical, healthcare, dental, and veterinarian practices throughout the U.S. Whether it’s nights, weekends, after-hours, holidays or right in the middle of the weekday, your callers and patients will reach a U.S.-based human medical answering service operator who knows how to help.

Answering Service for Attorneys


From solo legal practitioners to full-size law firms, we provide premier legal answering services with a smile. Whether you’re in court during the day or out of the office nights and weekends, we are here to help you and your clients.

Funeral Home Answering Service

Funeral Homes

In the world of funerals, there are no standard “business hours.” Your callers need to know they are getting the utmost level of understanding and compassion, no matter what the time of day, and our funeral answering services are the best in the industry.

Giving You All The Tools You Need

Appointment Scheduling

Your callers can make, reschedule and cancel appointments in real-time through our answering service agents and their online appointment scheduling tool. Never double-book or mis-book again when your callers can work directly with the answering service operators to address appointments in an efficient and simple way.

Message Taking

We can relay messages to you and anyone on your team by several means, including SMS/text, live call, email, fax and online at ASC Portal. Every call that comes in is important, and you will never worry about missing another message again when you have a 24/7 professional answering service on your team.

Appointment Scheduling Services

24/7 Live Phone Answering

Our live phone answering services are staffed by 100% U.S.-based professional telephone agents whose goal is to serve you and your callers in the most professional and friendly manner possible. You focus on what you do best while we handle your incoming calls affordably and capably.

On-Call Schedule

Our answering service clients in areas such as healthcare and service-based businesses are empowered to self-manage their on-call schedules in real-time. It’s efficient, secure and, best of all, easy to use. We love developing answering service add-ons that help our clients better run their businesses and practices.

Give Our Call Center Services A Try!

We can explore your integration ideas to boost the power of Answering Service Care. Contact us today via email or telephone at (800) 430-6511 to learn how we can help your business do more with less.

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