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Whether you and some colleagues need to hop on a quick call or you have a regularly scheduled meeting with tens of people located throughout the country, audio conferencing is a tool that makes sense for efficient phone communications.

As an industry leader in providing telecommunications services to businesses of all sizes, Answering Service Care offers Audio Conferencing services that are inexpensive and simple to use. Audio Conferencing is a tool that allows people located all over the place – whether in the U.S. or beyond – to join together on the same line and the same call in real-time.

Why Audio Conferencing from Answering Service Care?

  • You don’t ever have to figure out three-way dialing or “patching” someone in again
  • No more tying up all the phone lines in the office
  • No reservation needed
  • Easy dial-in with just a phone number and a PIN
  • Highly scalable – it won’t tax your phone system because you aren’t using multiple lines within your internal infrastructure
  • Makes your business look bigger (and smart, too!)
  • Easier for internal and external colleagues, team members, clients and vendors to connect and communicate
  • No planning necessary – even last-minute phone meetings are easily underway in a matter of minutes
  • Participants call in from wherever they are – no travel, room or food costs apply
  • Friendly support if you ever have any questions or issues
  • Available 24/7 – works for all time zones!
  • Great sound quality, as well as record and playback features
  • Inexpensive, cost-effective and, did we mention easy?
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At Answering Service Care, our focus is on all of your business communications needs. No matter what industry you are in or what your business offers, chances are we have the perfect Audio Conferencing solution for you. Want to learn more about Audio Conferencing through Answering Service Care? Contact our Sales Team for pricing and details, and you can get started today!
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