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Toll-Free Numbers Make A Difference

Many customers prefer to do business locally

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Even with today’s technology and the interconnectivity of what may call a “global village,” there are still callers and customers who strongly prefer to do – and in many cases only will do – business locally.

For these potential customers of yours, nothing says, “don’t call” or “we aren’t in your neighborhood” like an outside area code.

Toll-Free Numbers Are Cost-Effective & Convenient Marketing Tools!

It’s true: Whether you use an answering service or not, a toll-free number tells your customers, patients and clients that you open for business and but that you truly care about them and their call.

Sending the right message to your callers.

An “800-Service” or a toll-free number is a key part of your overall customer service strategy. As a leader in providing answering services to businesses throughout the U.S. we at Answering Service Care know how important sending a customer-friendly message every day, all year long. We’ve been in business as a family-owned and –operated answering service since all the way back in 1974, and we know just how 24/7 your business can be.

All American Answering Service.

  • Reassures clients, patients and customers that you are local and understand them and the area;
  • Increases your call volume, sales opportunities, leads, and reach;
  • Shows them you care about their call-related expenses, if applicable;
  • Improves your professional image, credibility, and visibility;
  • Allows your calls to be routed or forwarded to any phone, any time.
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Answering Services that are: Professional, flexible, cost-efficient

As always, once your callers reach our answering service operators, they will be greeted with the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and professional live agents in the business. We are great at what we do and love it too. From that first call to your toll-free number, your callers will feel comfortable and confident knowing that they are in good hands.

How To Add Toll-Free Services To Your Answering Services package.

No matter what your business or where you are physically located, having a toll-free number may make all the difference to your callers. Let’s talk more about answering service.