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Always-on, always-available for you and your callers

A live phone operator working at her desk

It seems old-fashioned to call someplace and hear someone pick up on the other end. But sometimes, old-fashioned is just what we need. And depending on your business, having a phone operator available to receive calls might be what your customers need as well.

Sure, we understand that live operator answering services have moved aside for automated messaging services, emails, texts, or other types of digital communication. These forms of digital communication have made many aspects of our lives more convenient, and even more efficient. And most of all, they are newer than US phone operators, for instance, which means they are hip and popular.

But for all the benefits that these modern means of communication have provided, one thing they have not done is make things more personal. And personality is important.

A large team of live phone operators

Phone Operator Services Are Personal

Personality is what we are going for at Answering Service Care, which is why we provide live operator answering services.

For some, this might trigger the memory of a telephone switchboard operator. Others might not even be aware that phone operators still exist! Well, they do. And the services they provide make your business more personal.

And when it comes to personality, the first group to be impacted will be your customers. When your customers or clients or partners call with a question or to schedule an appointment, the personality of a live operator answering service goes a long way.

In some instances, that personal touch might mean a referral to a friend of theirs, or a positive review on your social media page. In a digital age, a personal touch helps you stand out from the rest.

If you are considering filling a virtual telephone operator position in your organization, you are in the right place. Let us break down how a live operator can give your business a boost, put your customers at ease, and make your overall operation more efficient.

Always-on, Always-available For You and Your Callers

Get started today by giving us a call or by scheduling a meeting. On the other hand, if you aren’t convinced, then read on to understand some of the additional benefits that come from partnering with a live operator answering service.

Because Your Callers Deserve A Caring, Friendly & Supportive Touch

Whether you are a doctor, a plumber, a water park owner or any other business or practice with ringing phones, chances are your callers have expectations for how they will be treated and what they will receive when they call you.

And despite all of the many technologies that are available and abundant in our world, the truth is that many people still prefer – and even expect – a human voice to greet them on the other end of that phone line.

Put yourself in their shoes. When a human answers the phone, you feel relief knowing that you are going to get to the bottom of your issue sooner.

Forget about pressing buttons to get what you need. Use your voice and have a conversation. So, why do you think your customers feel any different?

A large team of live phone operators
A group of Answering Service Care live phone operators working at their desks

That’s Why We Offer Live Phone Operator Answering Services

Perhaps it goes without saying that a live operator is a human being who can sympathize, ask questions, share information and relay messages. What’s more, all of our Answering Service Care phone agents are highly trained and among the most professional in the business.

This type of live operator answering service lets your customers know that they are being heard. They will not be wondering whether their message was received, for example, because they will have spoken to someone directly. This instills confidence and trust and helps establish healthy relationships with your customers.

Isn’t it good to know, when your callers have an urgent problem or emergency, that there’s a real person on the other end of the phone? Best of all, that person is an answering service professional who’s available 24/7.

It’s also important to remember that no business, firm or practice is too small for a Live Operator answering service option. In fact, a small business that doesn’t have the personnel or budget to manage phone traffic 24/7 is often one of the best candidates for such a service.

No more wondering if a phone operator service is included in your business phone system or is part of your cell phone plan. If you take your customers seriously, then it is time to do right by them by partnering with a top-notch live operator answering service.

Some Live Phone Operator Answering Service Benefits Include:

  • Extending “office hours” to 24/7
  • Never missing a call
  • Prompt, high quality service to customers and callers
  • Emergency experience and availability
  • Budget-friendly and cost-efficient
  • Avoiding automated systems and menus
  • Memorable customer experiences with friendly, helpful operators
  • Positively reflects upon your company/practice and your commitment to service
A live phone operator supervisor helping a subordinate

A Superior Answering Service With Live Operators

In business since 1974, Answering Service Care is a true leader in the industry. We’d like to show you – and your callers – just why this is. We are U.S.-based and we offer bilingual answering service options, among many other reasons.
We believe in technology, and we believe in people, too. Call today at (800) 430-6511 or send us a message.