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Email Marketing
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Follow Up With Callers Via Email

Following up with callers via email after they have hung up the phone is one of the most effective ways to start a productive and mutually beneficial marketing relationship.

This powerful real-time ability to keep in touch after the call is what led us to offer an Email Marketing option to your Answering Services bundle. And it turns out we are one of the few national Answering Services offering this service, and we offer it at a very low monthly add-on price. 

How Does Email Marketing With Answering Services Work?

It’s very simple, actually. After our answering service agents hang up the phone with your callers—including prospects, clients, customers and patients—an email is automatically generated and sent to the email address collected from the customer during the call.

The email itself can contain a variety of information and calls to action, including:

  • Links to how-to videos
  • Coupon or discount codes
  • General business information, such as location, hours of operation, fax number, customer service email and more
  • After-call surveys about services, products, properties or other relevant information
  • Confirmation of registration or appointment
  • FAQ with full information, links and follow-up advice
  • Any other marketing message our client wants to convey about the business, a product or service, an upcoming event or more

Our clients tell us they love their email marketing capability and the opportunities this service gives them to further communicate with their callers.They consider it an “extra layer” of marketing that helps them keep in touch and get their message out. They are also able to send different emails to different groups based on call script, so all content is customized and fitting to the type of call and caller. Best of all, it’s all part of a seamless process, as the emails go out automatically following the phone call.

Answering Services

Some of the types of clients that use email marketing with answering services include:

  • Doctors’, Dentists’ and Physicians’ Offices: New patient information and forms, appointment confirmation, maps and directions
  • Schools and Camps: General program information, newsletter, costs and hours, recap of upcoming events
  • Real Estate and Property Managers: Apartment floor plans, pricing and listings, maintenance requests, confirmation of service requested or appointment for showing
  • Brick-and-Mortar and Online Shops: Coupon codes, discount or special promotion information, reminder of upcoming sales, product descriptions and sales
  • Product or Machine Sales: Links to repair information and how-to videos, advice for commonly-reported issues
  • Tech Support: Confirmation of support ticket submission, next step information, troubleshooting advice, tech-related reminders
  • Event Planners: Confirmation information for upcoming event, location information
  • HVAC, Plumbing, Service Providers: Seasonal coupon codes, annual service information, emergency appointment confirmation
  • Legal: Information on initial consultation, reminder of new services available, link to download additional information
  • Marketing: Link to new blog post of video, articles mentioning company, interesting facts or tips that would prompt caller to purchase service or product
Answering Service

Why Do Everything Yourself?

When you have automatically-generated emails with important information, you have some powerful marketing tools behind you and your team. Questions about our affordable Email Marketing add-on service? Contact us today via email or give us a call at (800) 430-6511 to talk about adding Email Marketing to your customized answering service package.