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Service Providers Make More Money When They Answer More Calls

Service providers of every variety can expand their reach and increase their marketing return on investment by simply answering more calls with the help of a service provider answering service.

Service providers like you don’t make any money if the phone’s not ringing, but you also risk losing jobs when it does ring and that caller refuses to leave a voicemail. Instead of serving as an example of what not to do or wasting money on leads you can’t convert, using an answering service can give you a giant net to catch those callers and turn them into long-term customers.

Answering Service Care has many different offerings from which we can create a customized service provider answering service for your business. You’re not like any other company, so why should your answering service solution be?

Leading The Way In Service Provider Answering Services

As an industry leader for over four decades, we know what it takes to help your business better serve your customers and improve telephone answering support.

24/7 Live Coverage

Covering your phone lines day and night, weekends and holidays.

Cost-effective Support

Less expensive — and more effective — than having employees answer your phones.

Appointment Scheduling

Never miss an appointment – or an opportunity for an appointment.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We make sure you never miss a call and your clients don’t miss you…

These are just a few of the services available for companies like yours:

Many of your customers are served on a “by appointment” basis, making it easier for you to organize your day. The only problem is that you don’t always have the time to answer the phone in order to set new appointments. With a dedicated appointment setting queue, you’ll never have to worry about that problem again. Always having someone available to make, change, or cancel appointments, as well as updating your calendar in real time, means your workload will be much more steady and regular.

When you’re a service provider, you’re often called on during the worst times in a person’s life. The plumbing is backed up, the car’s wrecked, the air conditioner isn’t working, whatever trade you’re in, it’s an ugly scenario at the most inconvenient times. This is why it’s so important to have a live operator available 24/7 to answer the phone, even if you can’t. Well-trained telephone professionals will use your guidance to determine if the caller has a true emergency, in which case, they’ll route the call to you or your on call person, if it’s not, they’ll send you a message to call the customer back according to your instructions. Callers that can wait until the morning can be added to a log that’s sent over in the morning for you to follow up on.

As your service provider business grows, you’re going to need to hire more service professionals. It’s the natural order of things. But more pros means more effort has to go into dispatching them to service calls, whether that means hiring an in-house dispatcher or using an answering service for service providers to dispatch calls on an as-needed basis.When you aren’t getting enough dispatch volume to justify a full-time virtual receptionist service, your answering service can handle the job. Just provide your company with instructions for how you’d prefer dispatch to be handled and they’ll do the rest.

Answering Service
Answering Service Care

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We are proud of the service we provide. No Long-Term commitment required.

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We are here for you 365 day of the year, 24/7.

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Check your messages, pay your bill, schedule your on-call calendar online, 24/7.

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We Love Our Answering Service Clients!

They do CARE about each one of their clients and staff, everyone is truly friendly and sincerely willing to help, the trainer team is fabulous!
Lowell TaylorLowell Taylor
10:21 01 Mar 22
We're extremely pleased with our experience with Answering Service Care. Getting set up was easy and if you have any questions they always get back to you. I'd highly recommend them.
Lowell TaylorLowell Taylor
17:55 24 Feb 22
Very good company to partner with. I would highly recommend them.
konrad skoczylaskonrad skoczylas
11:52 23 Feb 22
Best thing i could have done for our business. The price is very inexpensive and the service they provide is top notch. Mr. Michael Diaz is one of the most professional reps i have ever had pleasure of dealing with. I called Answering Service Care after finding them online. Michael explained to me the charges and how the service works .And took the time to answer my questions, I jumped onboard 15 min later and two days later my personalized answering service was in full swing. I got very positive feed back from my customers who were able to talk to live person and leave a message that i got emailed texted and send to me through the app. Wonderful Service, Wonderful company and great people Thanks Michael
Juan SantanaJuan Santana
22:30 17 Feb 22
A great service for all of us needed a professional, courteous, and efficient answering service. Thank you!

Are You Ready To Plug Up Your Lead Leaks

We’ll design a service provider answering service that’s perfect for how you do business and help you make the most of your marketing dollars. You’ll never miss another opportunity to impress your callers with the help of an answering service! Get started today! Call (800) 430-6511 or push the button below to request more information.

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