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For nearly four decades Answering Service Care has offered our clients telephone answering service features that has made doing business with us simple and effortless.  After being in the answering service industry for such an extended period, there are some features such as call recording and roll over minutes that have proven to improve our client’s overall experience.

Call Recording

Did you accidentally delete the text message or email the answering service sent you with information for a prospect again? With call recording you never have to worry about losing information given to you. All your calls will be recorded and stored on the client portal – where you can access them 24/7.

Call Recoding allows you to verify the information given in by callers and assess the overall quality of customer service that is offered by the answering service. You can also monitor the service levels by observing:

  • The length of each call
  • The amount of calls your business receives daily, weekly or even monthly.

This feature can also reduce personal liability. For example medical answering services are often faced to decide whether an issue is potentially life threatening; however without being able to physically see or evaluate the patient it is almost impossible to determine this over the telephone. So, the answering service representatives will dispatch each message based on the information given by the patient – hence a call will only be relayed as an emergency when told that it is one. Call recording allows you to listen to the call and have proof if the caller classified the call as an emergency or not.

Rollover Minutes

How many minutes did you use last months… 100? 1000? 10? What percentage of your total monthly allowance was this and how many did you allow to go to waste?

It is virtually impossible to predict when a phone will ring or how many calls a business will receive each day – it is hard equally as challenging to know how many minutes you will need.

Because most answering services operate on allowances there exist the possibility of exceeding your limit. When this happens, an overage cost is charged. A word to the wise when operating a business (whether small or large) is always “better save than sorry”. The best way to protect your account from exceeding the monthly allowance is by utilizing rollover minutes.

By using rollover minutes, any used minutes from the previous month will be added to your allowance at the beginning of each month. By doing this should your business have an unexpected spike in call volume, you already have a back up plan in place. Remember, answering service plans can only be changed at the beginning of a new billing cycle.

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