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The retail business world is a large and varied one. No matter what type of retail sector business you are involved in, your customers have expectations of top service, professional treatment and a positive attitude. As a retail answering service, we have worked closely with salespeople, shop owners, suppliers, buyers, entrepreneurs, representatives and customer service reps.

Which retail businesses need answering services?

Our retail clients sell products and goods in “brick-and-mortar” physical stores, through the Internet, on TV, radio and elsewhere. Since 1974, we have worked with businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. with one goal in mind: to treat their businesses and their callers as if they were our very own. From the moment our trained virtual assistant picks up the phone until the moment she says “goodbye,” you can rest assured knowing that your customers (and potential customers) are being treated professionally and with compassion.

Retail Answering Services

Leading The Way In Answering Services

Since 1974, we have led the answering service industry with service, professionalism and responsiveness that is all second-to-none. Our team of professional phone agents is fully U.S.-based, bilingual and trained both within the answering service industry and for your specific business as well. We can take messages, provide basic product or store information, make appointments and more.

We Are An Award-winning Leader In The Answering Service Industry

Retail Answering Services

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We take pride in a job well done, and for us, that means a successful conversation that leaves your caller feeling satisfied and well-attended-to. Call us at (800) 430-6511 or click on the button below to leave a message. Let us show you and your customers just how friendly, professional and responsive retail can be!

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Just wanted to tell you that the new webpage looks great. I have been very very happy with your service since I signed up with you last fall. Several patients have also made complimentary remarks and there hasn’t been a single complaint. Thank you!

Chris Flynn MD

You are doing an amazing job. The office would like to thank you for your attention to details and the quality service.

Sunshine Healthcare