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Running a radio station is a lot more than planning music playlists and making commercials.

You have a whole team of sales and support professionals behind the scenes ensuring that nothing at all goes wrong while your live talent is acting as the face of your brand (and often many other brands that advertise with you). Your radio station has to always be at its best, but sometimes you just can’t handle all the phone traffic for everything else that’s happening live.

Have you considered radio station answering services?

Radio Answering Services Supplement Your Support Staff

Your sales and support staff do a great job, but sometimes it really feels like they’re stretched too thin.

The problem isn’t them, it’s your budget. There’s just not enough to be able to hire anymore full time people. But you clearly need extra help, at least part of the time. The good news is that partnering with a company that offers radio station answering services is both a great value and an effective way to give your staff some of their time back.

These are just a few of the services you could take advantage of to make more hours in the day for your team:

  • Virtual receptionist. Your clients are important, you should treat them as the VIPs you know them to be. Virtual receptionists are just like real receptionists, they’re a small team of telephone operators that get to know your callers and will give specific clients special treatment based on your instructions.For example, if you really want to impress your marketing contact at Coca-Cola, you could ask the virtual receptionist to warm connect them to you when they call, or to give them a special greeting. The possibilities are endless and you only pay for the receptionists’ time when they’re working, not when they’re waiting for calls to come in like you would a traditional receptionist.
  • Call overflow. Sometimes it gets so busy that the phone rings non-stop. Callers start getting put on hold or shuffled off to voicemail. The problem with both of these solutions is that people don’t particularly like being shuffled off to voicemail or put on hold and will often hang up and then may call the radio station across town instead.In these difficult days for media companies, every lead counts, so it’s extra important that calls you can’t pick up are answered by someone, even if it’s the answering service. The human element cements the promise that you’ll definitely return the call as soon as you can, establishing a firm foundation for a solid relationship.
  • Appointment setting. Radio stations don’t run on walk-in business, brands and small businesses set up appointments to visit with marketing teams to discuss promotions and so forth, keeping your staff hopping.You can delegate this time-consuming task to your answering service’s dedicated appointment setting queue, who can then make, change or cancel appointments any time of the day or night. Since their software works with what you’re already using, you’ll know immediately when something changes in your schedule.

Running a radio station doesn’t have to be an exercise in putting out fires and containing chaos. You can take control back with a little help from your friends and radio station answering services.

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