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Q&A With…. Jashua Jean-Louis

Jashua Jean-Louis, Project Manager
Answering Service Care

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This month we sat down with Jashua Jean-Louis, who goes by “Jash,” a Trainer and member of our Quality Assurance team since February of 2016. 

What is your role with the company?

I work on the Quality Assurance, or “QA,” team of the Answering Service.

On the QA team, we focus mostly on quality on the calls within the answering service. We monitor our agents, we make sure they are doing and saying what they are supposed to be doing and saying. We audit our accounts to be sure everything is being handled correctly.

In addition, I train the agents who are new to the answering service. We teach them all of our systems, all of the functions and keys they need to know. We train on a variety of different accounts.

I started with Answering Service Care as an agent on the floor in 2014.

What is it like to work with this company?

Everyone is focused on their job. Working for this company has definitely been a life-changing experience. People here are very friendly. It is literally a family company. Everyone knows everyone else, and we all count on one another and have each other’s backs.

Have you learned any important lessons while working here in this job?

What I have taken from this job and used to improve to my customer service is paying very close attention to detail and paying attention in general. When you are an agent on the floor, you can be thrown lots of information, and it is important to pay close attention and capture the important details so they don’t have to repeat themselves. All of this improves the call experience.

In addition to this close attention, I really enjoy learning and seeing how empathy plays a great role within the customer experience. As an operator or anyone dealing with customers, there are many scenarios you can be faced with. You have to keep the customer service consistent and be prepared for all sorts of issues. I try to place myself in another person’s shoes and understand what they are going through, why they said what they said and to make a positive experience for them.

What kinds of things do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I go to school. I am studying Business Administration.

I also play music, including the drums, bass guitar and piano. I play sports, especially baseball and basketball.

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