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Q&A With…. Alyssa Faircloth

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This month we sat down with Alyssa Faircloth, a Business Development Associate who has been with Answering Service Care since 2014. 

What is your role with the company?

What I do is a mixture of sales and customer service. I take incoming sales calls. I get a good idea of what people need in their businesses. I learn where they need better customer service. I listen to what they need, and where they need it.

Once they sign on with us, I set up their account and run it for the first month. I am also their main point of contact for that first month. I help set up their call scripting, as well. We do quality assurance runs, taking a closer look at how messages are being sent, and making sure that accounts are being set up in a way that works best for their company.

What is it like to work with this company? 

Answering Service Care is truly a team environment. We try and assist everyone, clients and co-workers alike. It’s all about problem-solving—we all come together to focus on it and come up with the best solutions.

All clients are unique. So we all need an open-minded approach to work together to meet deadlines. It’s truly a supportive environment here.

Have you learned any important lessons while working here in this job?

The most important lesson I have learned here at Answering Service Care is to be a better listener.

In working in both sales and customer service, I have gotten a good idea of what it’s like to understand people and to really connect with someone to come up with a solution. I listen, process and give my all to creating a solution that’s going to work. I keep an open mind and value everyone’s ideas. In a team-oriented environment, you try different solutions until one of them sticks.

Outside of work, I think I have become a better friend, and a more supportive and tolerant person in general. I am better able to see people’s point of view now.

What kinds of things do you like to do outside of work?

I recently moved to New York City, and I work from home now. I spend a lot of my free time exploring, going to art shows and bouldering—it’s like rock-climbing but without a harness—when I can.

I am also a student studying social work, and I plan to graduate in December.

I spend time with my cat, Nala, and I am also outside cycling a lot.


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