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Simplify Patient Care With Answering Service For Psychiatrists

Successful psychiatrists juggle lots of patients who often have complicated illnesses, requiring different levels of care at different times. When you consider an answering service for psychiatrists, you can help take some of the strain off of you by simplifying your day-to-day work.

Answering Services Help The Helpers

It can be a massive challenge to keep up with all the patient care, paperwork and telephone calls that are part of the daily work of a psychiatrist.

Doing too much can run you down, making it hard to really give your patients what they need, but you’re also not quite sure what, if anything, you can do about your workload. After all, you need to set appointments and take calls to continue to service patients, or do you? What better tool for your practice than an answering service for psychiatrists?

That’s where Answering Service Care comes in. Instead of wasting your energy on mundane office tasks, you can hand some of the work to us. Our psychiatrist answering service is designed for psychiatrists just like you, and the best news is that you only pay for what you use.

Answering Service
Answering Services

So unlike in-house staff that gets a salary whether or not they’re working, we’re an affordable alternative to burnout. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

Answering Service For Telemedicine

When you can’t get to the telephone because you’re with a patient, at lunch or simply taking a break, it’s not an issue. We’ll pick up the slack quickly and seamlessly.

We can then send that message to you through our secure messaging system so you know exactly who called and how you can help them or save it for later, it’s up to you. And don’t worry, our service is a fully HIPAA-compliant answering service, so patient data security is never a problem.

A job like yours take a toll, especially if you’re always on call. Instead of putting so much pressure on yourself, let us carry some of the burden by taking your after hours calls and alerting you if there are any true emergencies when they happen. That way you can actually have some time off at night, for instance, and rest and recharge to be at your best the next day. You’ll define what constitutes an emergency and we’ll contact you when calls meeting your criteria come down the line.

One of the biggest headaches of any medical practice is the constant and unending task of setting, cancelling and changing appointments. At the same time, it’s vital to keep doing it or you’ll not have a practice. That’s why a dedicated appointment queue makes sense. 

We’ll take care of those appointments no matter what time of day or the request of the patient, then update your calendar in real time using our proprietary tools that integrate with yours. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How Can We Help?

Our answering service for psychiatrists is everything you’ve been looking for in a support service. Answering Service Care can help streamline your practice so you have time for both patient care and self care, instead of dancing with burnout. Give us a call today at 800.430.6511 or send us an email to get started with your free, no obligation quote on a custom answering service package just for your psychiatry service.

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