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Prepare for Hurricane Season with a Live Answering Service

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Hurricanes are a potential threat to every business, especially those located near the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico. From June 1 to November 30, savvy business owners in these regions hope for the best, while also preparing for the worst.

Hurricanes and tropical storms can wreak all kinds of havoc, including supply chain disruptions, flooding of major roads, communication challenges, power outages and structural damage to homes and commercial buildings. While there is no way to prevent or stop these powerful storms, there are some things that business owners can do to prepare for them.

Prepare your business for hurricane season with a live answering service

One of the ways that businesses prepare for hurricane season is by partnering with a live answering service. Including a live answering service in your emergency communication plan ensures that your customers, vendors, and employees will be able to get in touch before, during and after a storm. Being reachable while your business works to recover from a devastating storm will reassure customers and keep some parts of your business running as usual, saving thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

How can a live answering service support my business through hurricane season?

In the event that a hurricane or tropical storm strikes your community, a live answering service can offer value in a variety of ways. Here’s how a live answering service can provide support and peace of mind during the stormy summer months:

  • It allows your business to continue serving customers no matter what. If local phone lines are down, or your office loses power or experiences structural damage, our friendly live agents can jump in at a moment’s notice. These trained individuals work remotely throughout the United States, so they will be many miles from the disaster zone. Our live agents will reassure your local customers, and keep your business running as usual for national customers. Typically, your callers will not even realize that they are not full-time, in-house, receptionists.
  • A live answering service helps your business recover faster. A live answering service enables your business to remain accessible to the customers, vendors, and employees who need to get in touch. Our compassionate live agents will greet callers, answer questions, schedule future appointments, qualify leads, take detailed messages, and more. By never losing contact, you can save thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
  • It frees you up to fully focus on your business’ recovery. If your business is affected by a devastating storm, you will suddenly have a long list of important tasks to complete. While you are busy dealing with insurance claims, federal aid, and helping your community, our live agents will make sure that your callers receive the highest level of service. This frees you up to take care of the things that need to get done, without the distraction of a constantly ringing phone.

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