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Phone Answering Service

Running a growing business is stressful and finding the time to manage phone calls can be next to impossible. A phone answering service not only helps free up time to manage your business, it also provides much-needed reliability that will make a positive impression of clients and customers. Phone answering services are the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes – whether you need a large-scale customer service operation or just some help getting those after-hours phone calls answered. There are many industries that can greatly benefit from telephone answering services.

Medical Answering Services

Medical practice’s phones are always ringing – from answering patient calls, to scheduling appointments, requests for phone nurse consultations to prescriptions refills. Medical answering services are a huge asset to a busy doctor or dentist’s office. Medical answering services can help take care of appointment reminders, appointment scheduling, daytime call management, confidential messaging, patient outreach and automated solutions to make the call-in process much more user-friendly and efficient.  When an office staff is constantly on the phone at a medical practice, it can really slow down the daily operations, such as timely check-ins and pulling patient charts. By using medical answering services, patients have a reliable way to stay in touch with their doctor, receive after hour attention and stay on top of upcoming appointments.

Phone Answering Service
Phone Answering Service

Legal Answering Service

A great lawyer simply does not have enough time to answer the phones – he or she is probably too busy consulting with clients or representing them in court. A legal answering service helps lawyers maximize their time, as well as gain a larger clientele. A legal answering service acts as an extension of a law office and provides prompt and courteous attention to the most important legal calls. From scheduling appointments, taking client information, taking calls after hours and dispatching important messages, a legal answering service is there for all those moments that a lawyer can’t be. In addition, small firms may choose to use a legal answering service to act as a virtual receptionist to help manage client calls without hiring a full-time staff member.

Real Estate Answering Service

Real estate is another industry that deals with a high call volume. A real estate answering service can help manage that large call volume. Take for example, a property management firm: they must maintain an open line of communication to deal with emergency maintenance issues, as well as inquiries from potential renters, buyers or sellers. A real estate answering service makes it easy to stay on top of calls.

Phone Answering Service

A Superior Phone Answering Service With Live Operators.

Answering Care Services is a leader in the answering service industry because we understand just how important it is for you to keep your business running smoothly while providing expert customer care. Answering Care Services is not just a “telephone answering service” – we act as a virtual office and a direct representation of your business. To learn more about what Answering Care Services can do for your business, call us at (800) 430-6511.

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Very nice answering service. The people are very professional and precise. I definitely recommend.
Donna C

Answering Service Care…..why did we not sign up sooner? We have now been with them for a few weeks and knowing that our patients are being taken care of (when we are not there to answer the phones)….just like we take care of them…is so nice. I had a brand new emergency patient’s daughter remark about our answering service….how they even remembered the next day about the pain her Mom had been in…and how is she feeling! I love these people…if they were near where we are…I’d bake them cookies and take them into them!

Heather Y

We used Answering Service Care to handle incoming calls both during business hours and after business hours for our small cleaning service. This company was very professional and offered competitive rates for the services they were providing. If you are looking for an answering service for your business, I would highly recommend considering Answering Service Care to service your needs.

Gary M

Great answering service. I 100% recommend them. A long time client called in and recognized how enthusiastic and professional we were on the phone since hiring answering service care.

Christopher T.