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Use Personalized Greetings to make a Great First Impression

Personalized Greeting
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A Personalized Greeting is a prerecorded announcement that greets your callers. It has several benefits, few of which are outlined below. This feature also becomes very useful if you decide to outsource any aspect of your business. Having a Personalized Greeting ensures that the name of your business will always be pronounced correctly no matter who the caller speaks to. While answering services will do their best to represent your business, there still exists a possibility that your company’s name might be mispronounced. Personalized Greetings will eliminate the likelihood of this error.

In addition to this here are a few more benefits of using this feature:

  • You inform the caller of the next step. Using the following greeting as an example, the caller is informed of what to expect:

    “Thank you for calling Answering Service Care! We are delighted to receive your call, please hold as your call is connected to one of our eager Answering Service Representative.”

    Now the caller knows:
    1.the actual company they have reached,
    2. that their call will be answered shortly and
    3. exactly who will be answering their call
  • Calls will be answered immediately after the recording ends. The old days of listening to a half a dozen rings before someone answers your call is slowly coming to an end. The use of Personalized Greetings will portray a better impression of your business because of the promptness that is synonymous with its primary function. Most calls that are front-ended by Personalized Greetings will hear on average three rings before the call is answered – if they hear any at all.
  • If your business uses an answering service, this is a guaranteed way to save money because people who have dialed your company by error (misdials) will disconnect before they are connected to a representative, this means your valuable minutes will not be used accommodating unprofitable misdials.
  • You are able to make a remarkable first impression as each caller will be greeted the exact same way, this will ultimately help to develop a strong sense of corporate identify.

Personalized Greetings may be recorded professionally or it can be done by a representative within your business. And even though Personalized Greetings are sometime described as cold and unwelcoming, it is not the recording that demonstrates these traits, but instead the person who recorded it. Here are a few tips to personalized and warm up your greeting:

  • Begin with a smile
  • Identify Yourself
  • Have energy and enthusiasm in your voice
  • Make it short and sassy

Now your business can have a personalized message to alert each caller of the destination ahead. To learn more about Personalized Greetings you may contact your Account Manager at 800.430.6511.

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