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Being a parent isn’t easy, especially when your child is sick. Parents need a reliable pediatrics office that they can reach any time of the day or night, whether they just have a question or might be experiencing a serious emergency. If you want to really delight and wow your patients, a pediatrics medical answering service can give them a 24/7 connection to immediate help, making parenting just a little bit less scary.

It’s always important that patients get a fast response from their medical providers, but it’s absolute crucial for pediatric patients to hear from their doctors right away. A pediatrics medical answering service gives the parents of your patients the peace of mind they need for that panic moment when their child is ill and they don’t know what to do.

Answering Service Care knows what your patients want most when they call: a gentle and knowledgeable voice on the line of a pediatrics medical answering service can help them feel like you really care about their outcome, even if you can’t answer the phone right then.

Pediatrics medical answering services can also provide these helpful services:

  • Dedicated appointment-setting queues. Your patients need to make, cancel or change appointments on a regular basis. After all, a fussy baby can turn into a sick child with almost no notice, but kids are also quick to recover, making appointment jockeying a constant struggle for your staff. Instead of distracting them from in-house patient care, let a pediatrics medical answering service provided dedicated appointment setters equipped with software that’s compatible with your own so no one misses a beat!
  • After-hours answering services. As we all know, kids don’t always get sick during business hours, so your patients need a way to reach you any time, day or night. Sometimes the problem is small and can wait until morning, other times they might need specific information from you right away. Rather than keeping yourself on call every day until you burn out, you can have your pediatrics medical answering service handle the sorting so you can rest up for another busy day.
  • Bilingual answering services. Your community speaks more than one language, so why are you still working with an answering service that only understands English? Hiring a pediatrics medical answering service with bilingual operators means that your patients, no matter if they speak Spanish or English, will be able to communicate their problems fully over the telephone. It’s a small thing you can offer to tell those patients that their kids are just as important as the children of English speakers.

When you’re ready to offer your patients the very best, give Answering Service Care a call at 800.430.6511 or email us. Our responsive staff is ready to build a package that’s perfect for your pediatrics medical answering service. We can help your office expand their caring reach so that all your clients are served around the clock, whether they need an appointment set or just a friendly voice to reassure them that their children will be fine.


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Just wanted to tell you that the new webpage looks great. I have been very very happy with your service since I signed up with you last fall. Several patients have also made complimentary remarks and there hasn’t been a single complaint. Thank you. - Chris Flynn MD
You are doing an amazing job. The office would like to thank you for your attention to details and the quality service. - Sunshine Healthcare