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Terrie’s journey with the answering service began in June of 1991. Back then the business was much smaller and went by the humble name Ding-A-Ling Answering Service.  Terrie explains that the early days of the company were very different then the business today. “We mainly worked off two systems; Green and Yellow, which was basically the Tascom operating system broken down into two groups. The Green Team mainly offered answering services for Broward County and the Yellow Team covered Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties” Terrie explained.

A few years after Terrie first started working at the answering service, the 800 number businesses boomed; and the answering service began taking orders for companies that were selling widgets. This proved to be outside the scope of an answering service, so the business separated into two divisions, a telephone answering service – that would focus mostly on small businesses and services industries and a call center for larger 800 number clients.

As the answering service continued to grow, so did the responsibilities of Terrie. No more than six months after being hired I was approached and offered a position as an Answering Service Team Lead”, Terrie explained. Accepting this position, opened up a great window of opportunities for her. After working as a team lead, Terrie would try her luck at in a different department of the answering service. “After being a Team Leader for a short period I attempted to join the client services team”, Terrie shares. “Working as a Client Care Specialist (the members of our teams whose sole responsibility is to ensure the happiness of our clients) was very difficult for me so I retreated back to what I knew best”.

Eventually Terrie was appointed the division’s trainer. “When this happened it was kind of ironic”, Terrie commented. “Growing up I always wanted to become a teacher and although it is not a formal school setting, I was offered  the opportunity to do just that… teach”. Soon after becoming the trainer of the answering service, Terrie also began staffing for the day to day operation of the company, both responsibilities she continued to juggle for over ten years.

Terrie’s experiences with the company extends far beyond the company walls. She shared that the first time she flew on a plane was courtesy of Answering Service Care. “The first time I flew on a plane, was when I opened our Answering Service in Michigan”, Terrie remarked. She expressed the excitement and joy felt not only because of the thrill of flying, but for being chosen to open the Michigan branch of the answering service. Terrie also visited Seattle and Pittsburgh as a result of her employment with Answering Service Care.

As tradition has it, employees who remain hired by the company for twenty years receives a milestone gift of a trip for two to anywhere in the world. In 2011 when Terrie celebrated this milestone she was unsure where to take the trip so she postponed it for a few years. Now however she is considering traveling to Italy to reap the benefits of her extended tenure with the company. Terrie also received a pair of diamond ear-rings when she celebrated her ten year anniversary in 2001 and five years later for her fifteen year anniversary she retreated to Disney.

Today, Terrie Knight is the Director of Quality Assurance. It is the joint efforts of her and her team of trainers that allows Answering Service Care to offer professional and competitive live telephone answering services.

“Although some days are more challenging than others I love my job and the people I work with”, Terrie shared. “I could not have picked a better crop of people to work with. They all go above and beyond what is expected of them and have the company’s best interest at heart”.

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  1. Great story and that is just how it happened for Terrie. We are all like a family and enjoy doing what we do and always try to give 110%. We work for a wonderful growing company and a family that is absolutely AWESOME!!!

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