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The 16th of March will mark my four year anniversary with Answering Service Care and I am ecstatic to have made it to this milestone. And to think I had to apply three times before being hired! But I guess a little determination does go a long way.

After being turned away twice, I decided to reapply in March of 2009 because I was not willing to give up that easily. Surprisingly, I was offered a position by Shawanna… I was so happy and did my happy dance right in front of her and began training later that day. I was hired to work a part time night shift, which was perfect as I attended college during the day.

After about two years I grew tired of answering telephone calls and began looking for opportunities for me to grow in the company. I became focused and started taking pride in my work; I was always here on time and I ensured my key metrics were where they were supposed to be and started applying for positions that needed to be filled.

Not long after, temporary workers were needed in the Fulfillment Division. I liked this position; it was fun, very active and I learned a lot. Because the position was temporary after one month I returned to Answering Service Care. Not long after that, a position opened up in Data Entry and I worked in that department simultaneously.

After helping out in Data Entry, I was promoted and became a member of the Quality Assurance Team. I would be the designated person to do recordings and monitoring. After weeks of training, I realized the position was not for me and began preparing myself mentally to get back on the phones.

Joan saw potential in me and offered me an opportunity to work alongside her. She allowed me to do clerical duties and I started filing papers. Shortly after that I began doing the attendance for our in house representatives, then our Seattle location and even our remotes. As I became more efficient in my responsibilities, other duties were added and my position was given a title: Administrative Assistant.  I am the first member of our division to act in this capacity and I take great pride in what I do. It is fun and sometime I feel like super woman but that’s what keeps me going; the ability to do a bit of everything and interact with the different tiers of the company from the Pros to management.

It is truly inspiring working here, and I have learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. I have the latitude to demonstrate my creativity, and I have made many of the tools that we currently use. I would like to thank Joan for offering me an opportunity to grow in the company and for everyone who has helped me along the way.

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