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Manager of Florida Region
Jane-Ann Durthaler

Energetic, fun and vivacious are words often used to describe Answering Service Care employee Jane Ann Durthaler. Jane-Ann who recently celebrated her twenty-two year anniversary with the company was excited to share her journey with the answering service.

Hired in June of 1991, Jane-Ann laughs heartily as she recalls the early years of her career. “I started working a part time evening shift. I looked after my ‘kiddies’ during the day time while my husband was at work then he watched them during the evening as I did”.

As she became more involved in the company and proficient in her responsibilities, Jane-Ann began to venture into other aspects of the answering service. “I started learning about the communication system and the process by which our clients would receive their messages”, Jane explained. “Most of our answering service clients back then, had a beeper – so we would send them an alert and they would call us to hear the message”, she added. Driven by her new passion and now educated in answering service telephony; Jane-Ann was promoted to a Team Lead in early 1993.

“Upon till this point my name was ‘Jane’ – not Jane-Ann”, she shared bursting into laughter. “There were three employees by the name Jane, so for us to not be confused we had Jane1, Jane2 and I was Jane3. But even that was confusing and very often, even I would forget which Jane I was and answer to everything – so eventually my middle name was tagged on and I became Jane-Ann.” Memories like these according to Jane-Ann were what made the answering service a happy place. She recalls her time with the answering service being filled with laughter and unforgettable memories.

A few months into her new position, plagued by the fever of the 800 number businesses which was starting to become a great success, Jane-Ann decided to work as a member of the call center team. “I transferred to work as an Account Representative for the call center”, Jane-Ann explained. “I learned how to create accounts for different products being promoted through commercials. The company would send a copy of the product being advertised and then I would have to create an account for the agents to answer the calls for that product.” After about six months however, Jane-Ann started missing her answering service family and requested to be transferred back to the answering service.

When asked to share her opinion on Answering Service Care Jane-Ann said “they have been very good to me. The company is extremely family oriented and it has been amazing to see how we have grown.”

Jane-Ann shares one particular instance that she holds close to her heart: She recalls in December of 1997 right before Christmas when her house was robbed. “It was an awful experience. Our founder Herman Shooster called me into his office and asked if I needed anything. I was flattered by his compassion however I responded no, but that is so sweet of you to ask”. Herman replied “Sweet!? This is not sweet you were robbed and if you need anything, we are here for you! And I never forgot that. It meant so much to me knowing I am apart of such a loving family.”

Another cherished memory of Jane-Ann was when she received a pair of diamond earrings on her tenth anniversary. Five years later, when she celebrated her fifteen year anniversary, she enjoyed a weekend ‘get away’ for two courtesy of the Shooster family. And now, to celebrate her twenty year anniversary, Jane-Ann intends to jet off to Australia, (if she doesn’t change her mind again), for ten wonderful days.

[quote style=”1″]As I approach my twenty-two year milestone, as a proud member of Answering Service Care, it can only be defined as phenomenal. I love it now, even more than when I started, and look forward to being here many, many, many more years![/quote]