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Our Team: Cynthia Mitchell

Cynthia Mitchell
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It’s Been Twenty Years But It Doesn’t Even Feel Like It!

During the summer of 1992 my family and I relocated to South Florida from New York. Adjusting to the climate and environment of South Florida was not easy for me, however, I decided I would try to adapt. A few months later in August, I accompanied a friend to apply for a job at the Ding-A-Ling Answering Service, (now Answering Service Care by Answering Service Care). At the time I was working ’temp-jobs’, so I decided to apply for a job at the answering service as well because it was something different. Ironically, I was hired but my friend was not.

Working as an agent was very rewarding and I enjoyed doing it. We understood that we played a crucial role and that it was important for us to portray that we were an extension of the companies that we answered for. Our clients depended on us, so we took pride in our work. The care that would beam from our voices; the confidence and genuineness comforted the caller, and allowed us to take a message almost effortlessly and dispatch it.

After working as an agent for about a year, I was approached for a Team Lead position and I accepted. As a Team Lead, I mentored the agents; and helped them build the confidence that the position required. Acting in this capacity taught me that even though Team Leads are the ones who will guide an agent; it is up to that agent to decide if they are going to succeed.

I loved working with the agents, but I was also fascinated with the technology used by the company. When things went wrong, I asked the technicians to explain the issue; this way I knew what to do if it happened again. The company always kept their technology current; we had touch screen monitors that were used to place the orders and it felt like the system was upgraded every month.

About a year and a half after becoming a Team Lead, the decision was made to start a customer service department; the forerunner of client services and I was offered the opportunity to oversee it. We began building relationships with our clients and evaluated how we could better serve them. It was not always easy however, we wanted our clients to feel like a part of our family and have someone they could talk to if and when they had an issue.

Looking back at my time here, I realize that I have worked with great people; people who showed me that when you care about what you do, it reflects in your work. Also, I would like to thank the techs for answering my questions and ‘showing me the ropes’, my coworkers for simply being there when I needed them and to my operation manager; Joan for being the great person that she is.

My journey here has not been a walk through the park; and some days are better than others. However, whether it is a good day or not, the trick is to smile and everything else will fall into place … that’s what I do, and that’s how I lasted twenty years!

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