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Do I need an After-Hours Answering Service for Nights & Weekends?

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In a world that is connected 24/7, you may find that your business is receiving calls around the clock. With the business day no longer being a simple five days a week, you want to make sure that you are catering to your client’s needs, maximizing your growth potential, and not missing important calls. Enlisting an answering service for nights and weekends can help ensure this.

In this article, we will answer and discuss the following questions about how after-hours answering services work:

  • What is an after-hours-answering service?
  • How can an after-hours answering service help me?
  • What are the advantages of an answering service versus an answering machine?
  • Does my business need a weekend answering service?

What is an after-hours answering service?

An after-hours answering service is an extension of your business that provides coverage during nights, weekends, and holidays. It ensures that customers speak with a real person and receive excellent service regardless of when they call.

It can also help callers receive quick support in the event of an emergency. This is because live agents are trained to triage and escalate urgent issues. They are also trained to respond quickly in the case of a stressful event like a natural disaster, so you can rest soundly knowing you have a plan in place should the worst happen.

How can an after-hours answering service help me?

No matter the size or type of your business, there are many benefits to after-hours answering services. Here are some of the ways an answering service can help you:

  • Better work-life balance. his term is thrown around a lot these days when talking about careers. It is not that easy when you own a business to just stop answering the phone and that can quickly lead to burnout. Hiring an after-hours answering service ensures you are leaving work so your time away from the office is restful.
  • Fewer lost opportunities. Many businesses will opt to let a message go to voicemail or exhaust themselves by continuing to work at an unrealistic pace. Something’s got to give eventually, and it will likely be a customer because they were sent to voicemail.
  • Increased customer loyalty. If a customer calls your business after-hours, they are likely in a pinch. Whatever the case may be, they will remember that you were there for them in their time of need. They will likely tell people about it, which will grow your reputation.

What are the advantages of an answering service versus an answering machine?

The advantage of an answering service versus an answering machine is that a trained, live professional will pick up your phone 24/7, including holidays! An answering machine is another form of voicemail and most likely will be filled with lost leads. Callers don’t want to leave voicemail and wait for a call back.

Providing a live agent shows you care and keeps callers from moving on and calling your competitors. A live agent can also schedule appointments, qualify leads, answer general questions, and take detailed messages. Your nights and weekends will be yours to enjoy so you can return to work refreshed.

Does my business need a weekend answering service?

Your business could benefit from a weekend answering service if:

  • You’re missing out on valuable business opportunities over the weekend.
  • You’re missing out on relaxing and quality family time by constantly answering your phone.
  • You want to appeal to a wider audience.
  • You can benefit from having a trained professional monitor your calls and emails for you and only flag the most important ones.
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