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Lansing Michigan Answering Service

Located some 80 miles to the northwest of Detroit in Ingham County is Lansing, the capital city of Michigan. The greater Lansing area is referred to as “Mid-Michigan” and the city is considered as being a center for businesses, cultural, education, government, and high-tech industry. Although the Lansing economy is primarily driven by the amount of government employees here in the capital, other contributing industries are the auto manufacturing, education, health-care, and insurance industries.

Lansing’s business community is fed by the employees of the above industries and is also driven by Michigan State University. Additionally, General Motors has several offices in Lansing as well as several manufacturing plants located outside of but close to the city. So the business community is very stable despite the current sluggishness of the US economy overall. The more successful businesses have kept up with industry and market trends in order to better facilitate the needs of their clients or customers.

Answering Service Care business solutions

One of the primary business solutions that have enabled businesses of Lansing to expand and grow is a live Michigan answering service. There are a number of reasons for taking advantage of Answering Service Care’s business solutions with a Lansing live answering service. However, the primary reasons are for providing better customer service and better tech support options. There is nothing that aggravates a client or customer more than a phone call that is sent directly to an automated voice mail system or goes unanswered.

Not only are you cheating current and potential customers out of the service they deserve, you are going to miss out on potential new sales and profitability are concerned. Answering Service Care has been around over 30 years and have been helping businesses just like yours solve their issues as well as enhancing their sales and profitability levels. We can provide you with a live Answering Service in Lansing and ensure that your clients or customers are well cared for and satisfied no matter what their issues are.

Services we provide

There are numerous reasons why Answering Service Care can enable you to implement a Lansing live answering service that is both cost-effective and highly efficient for servicing your clients or customers:
Your phones are answered by live operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning that your client’s or customer’s sales and/or service issues are going to be taken care of no matter when they call your company – holidays and weekends included.

There is no longer a need to outsource your workload to a foreign company because we are an all-American concern located here in the US. Let’s be realistic, no client or customer in the US appreciates being transferred to a call center located on foreign soil.

We have over thirty years of answering service experience and a solid track record of customer satisfaction to back that up. Answering Service Care can pass that experience onto you when you set up your live answering service in Lansing.

Other services that Answering Service Care can provide you with include:

  • Call center capabilities
  • Disaster recovery
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Fax to e-mail
  • Fulfillment services
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)

The key factor here is that when you have a Lansing live answering service provided by Answering Service Care, you’ll be able to provide your clients or customers with the one thing that all of them are looking for when they contact your business – instant gratification. Don’t risk losing potential sales and profitability when you don’t have to.

For more information regarding Answering Service Care services, and the cost effective business solutions by implementing a live answering service in Lansing, MI, please contact us at the toll-free phone number above.