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The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan seat of Washtenaw County and is the home to the University of Michigan and the students comprise over 30% of the city’s population. The city is also part of the Ann Arbor-Detroit-Flint CSA (combined statistical area). The college plays a significant economic role with over 30,000 employees of which 12,000 are employed at the University Medical Center. The high tech industry contributes significantly to the economy of Ann Arbor as well. However, biotechnology and health services are major facets of the economy as well.

Numerous economic factors have come into play in the past few decades, some positive and some not so positive. But despite this, Ann Arbor’s business community is doing quite well. The more successful businesses have kept up with market trends and have stayed ahead of their competitors as a result. Typically, they have taken advantage of certain business tools or solutions that other less successful businesses have not. Additionally, many of these more successful businesses have started using a live answering service in Ann Arbor in order to better serve their clients or customers.

About Michigan Answering Service

Answering Service Care is a 36-year old nationwide company that has been family owned and operated since the very beginning. And we have never missed a beat when it comes to providing clients with round the clock service. We are well aware that answering your phones and taking important messages is critical to your company operations and our live operators literally provide you with a virtual office for conducting and growing your business as a result.

Our virtual receptionists realize that every phone call is important and you can have this for a fraction of the cost of hiring employees to do this in-house. More importantly, we are a US-based company so your call center functions are not outsourced to a foreign operator. This is a definite advantage when you consider that most consumers in the US today are reluctant to conduct business with companies that outsource their customer service and tech support operations.

Our services and business solutions

Answering Service Care has been providing businesses with key solutions to their company issues throughout the state of Michigan and the US. We have helped numerous businesses overcome the company shortcomings by enhancing their sales and customer service levels. A live answering service in Ann Arbor set up by Answering Service Care will provide you with the following services:

Basic and advanced telephone answering services – never miss another phone call and provide your clients or customers with round-the-clock service and support. Whether it is during or after regular business hours, on holidays, or weekends, you phone calls will never be missed.

Call center capabilities – you can provide your clients or customers with a superior level of customer service and tech support so that you don’t have to outsource your call center functions or sales telemarketers.

Disaster recovery – whether you’re in the emergency service or the repair and service industries, you can rely on Answering Service Care to ensure that your clients or customers are taken care of immediately.

eCommerce solutions – enables you to provide clients or customers with numerous sales solutions and can help you develop more business and profitability in the process.

Fax to e-mail – you can receive faxes and send them from your company’s e-mail when you use our Ann Arbor live answering service. Simply open the fax like you would an e-mail attachment and either forward it to the appropriate or print out the document.

Fulfillment services – this will provide your company with very cost-effective and simpler distribution concepts including order processing, returns management, and warehousing.

For more information regarding Answering Service Care, our services, and the business solutions we can provide your company with, and implementing a live answering service in Ann Arbor, MI please contact us at the toll-free phone number listed at the top of this page.