A Secure, Comprehensive Mental Health Answering Service

Whether you’re offering basic counseling or a full complement of psychiatry services, privacy and availability should be your top priorities. A professional mental health answering service will expand your patients’ access without exposing them to unneeded health information risks.

Mental health services are vital to the success of many happy, healthy and fully functioning members of the community, but it’s also important that patients have secure access to their providers at all hours of the day or night. After all, crisis can strike anyone at any time. That’s where a mental health answering service comes in. With the tools and training to protect patient data and the compassion to give your callers the gentle care they need when they call, a mental health answering service can be an ideal complement to your mental health practice.

Answering Service Care keeps technology updates and constant training at the top of our list of priorities for offerings like our mental health answering service. Instead of trying to undercut the competition with the cheapest rates you’ve ever seen, we give you the best service you can find anywhere for your dollar, and that’s what really matters for a mental health answering service, after all.

Mental Health Answering Service

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As an industry leader for over four decades, we know what it takes to help your practice better serve your patients and improve telephone answering support with care and professionalism.

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that’s why we offer additional services like:

Although every answering service offers message relay, not every service offers a HIPAA-compliant message relay suitable for a mental health answering service. Your patients’ data is important, so we take every precaution to keep it safe from the moment we answer the phone through the message delivery. We’re constantly updating our systems to remain HIPAA-compliant and training our operators in the newest HIPAA regulations so you never have to worry about the security of the messages coming from your mental health answering service.

It’s not uncommon for your patients to call in to make or change an appointment, so it only makes sense that your mental health answering service should offer appointment scheduling. With our system, you won’t have to worry that we’ll accidentally double-book any of your doctors since we’ll work together with your regular staff in real time and on the exact same calendar system. Our mental health answering service can also take over all your telephone appointment scheduling to free up your in-house staff to focus on patient care if you prefer.

No one wants to think about the potential for disasters in their area, but the fact is that they happen every year, leaving thousands of businesses without a way to connect to their customers. Your practice isn’t immune to forces of nature, but we can help with disaster recovery through our mental health answering service. When your patients call about their appointments or are looking for necessary refills, we’ll relay the information to an emergency phone number. We’ll also help those patients feel more secure by keeping them updated with new information about the progress of your clinic’s power and communications restoration.

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Answering Service Care has decades of experience handling HIPAA-protected data and reassuring patients that their concerns are being heard. Give us a call at 800.430.6511 or shoot us an email to get your clinic started with the mental health answering service package that’s perfect for you and your patients.

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Thanks as always for treating me as if I’m the only customer you have – it’s lovely and reassuring to have such good service… Warm regards

Joan C Golston

This has greatly exceed my expectations today. Thank you. I may want to up my minutes as we go forward but this was great because as luck would have it the receptionist called out sick and your office handled everything all day long GREAT JOB THANK YOU


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At Answering Service Care, we offer HIPAA-compliant medical phone answering services that not only save time, money and other precious resources, but that also play a significant part in expanding your practice and providing your patients with the top service and personalized attention they deserve. Best of all, we spare you the worry of missing an urgent phone call or having it mishandled – we’ll always be here for you and your patients…and you can count on that!