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A Secure, Comprehensive Medical Appointments Answering Service

There’s nothing more frustrating for a patient than to be placed on hold or to have to navigate a complicated menu tree when they’re trying to simply cancel, change or make an appointment.

You can improve your patient experience dramatically by partnering with a medical appointment scheduling service.

Sometimes, appointment scheduling can be a job that’s feast or famine—either everyone is calling to make appointments or no one is, leaving your dedicated staff with nothing to do. When you make medical appointment scheduling a job everyone shares, patient care often suffers during those busy rush times. The solution is an off-site medical appointment scheduling team who can take as many or as few calls as your patients make and handle their inquires efficiently.

Not sure where to look for a medical appointment scheduling service?

Try Answering Service Care! We’re a patient-first answering service that’s constantly updating our HIPAA-compliance training so we can stay ahead of the changes to the law for medical offices like yours.

Secure Messaging

Receive your messages securely and in compliance with HIPAA laws.

24/7 Live Operators

Courteous, competent and cost-effective trained live operators.

Appointment Scheduling

Never miss an appointment – or an opportunity for an appointment.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Answering Service Care makes sure you never miss a call.

A Medical Appointment Scheduling Service Can Handle Issues Like:

Just because your office isn’t open 24/7 doesn’t mean your patients don’t try to call to make appointments. Instead of forcing them to take time during their lunch hour to call your appointment setters, a medical appointment scheduler can make, change or cancel an appointment any time of the day or night.

It’s easier for your patients and makes it more likely they’ll make their appointments on time since changing their timing is a snap.

Even if you generally handle your own appointments, there will be times that you simply can’t get to the phone. Either the office is full of patients or your phone is ringing off the hook, but in any case, there’s just no way to answer all the calls. This is where overflow call answering really shines.

Your medical appointment scheduling team can take over those calls and handle the appointments that need addressing. Since they work with software that updates your calendars in real time, you’ll never have to worry about double-bookings.

As your practice grows, you’ll need more help to keep on top of all the people moving in and out of your office. That goes doubly for the callers who are making appointments and inquiries.

A dedicated medical appointment scheduling team through an answering service can take the place of a full-time staff of operators and save you lots of money when they do. Instead of paying a full salary for operators who may often just be waiting for the phone to ring, your answering service schedulers only charge you per call, saving you plenty.

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When you need to optimize your internal staff, there’s nothing that works as efficiently as a medical appointment scheduling team from Answering Service Care. Call us today to find out how to streamline your office labor. We’re available at 1.(800) 430-6511 to help you figure out how to make the most of what an answering service can offer.

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