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Patient Satisfaction for Medical Answering Services

A medical answering service can increase your customer service level even further!

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Answering Service

A Medical Answering Service Can Improve Patient Satisfaction All Day Long

Every day you go into your office looking for ways to serve and treat your patients, but there are things you just can’t quite control.

Their frustration at not being able to make appointments at their convenience, for example, is outside of your control, as is how busy your phone lines get during the middle of the day. Even if you had more staff, it wouldn’t really help since you still only have the set number of phone lines. There has to be a solution!

Answering Service Care has the answer to your problem. A medical answering service can help improve patient satisfaction by giving them better access to your office at their convenience. You’ll quickly see the difference in patient satisfaction.

These are just a few ways we can help more patients reach you on their own schedules:

When there’s telephone gridlock in your office, your callers can still get through to a friendly, helpful operator. We’ll take the call just like your staff would, giving the patient a friendly voice to speak to instead of a cold voicemail box that fills them with uncertainty.

Whether they leave a message for a callback or ask to be transferred to another extension, your patient is certain they’ve been heard. That can mean everything to a patient who is facing an uncertain diagnosis.

Even though you don’t see patients on a 24-hour basis, it’s often easier for patients to make, change or cancel appointments when they’re thinking about it, which might not be during regular office hours. Allowing them the opportunity to call any time makes it more likely that they’ll keep their appointments, which helps you, too.

Not every call after hours is an emergency. In fact, most probably aren’t, which is why it’s important that someone act as the gatekeeper between you and patients who might abuse the privilege. You need down time away from your office, otherwise you risk serious burnout.

Having an after hours call answering service can put that layer in place, especially if you leave instructions for triaging calls and an on-call schedule. When certain callers meet the guidelines for an emergency, as defined by you, your after hours service will either leave you a message or patch the caller through, according to your instructions.

Medical Answering Service Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

Why Answering Service Care?

If you’re ready to increase your patient touch, we’re ready with a medical answering service solution. Give Answering Service Care a call today at (800) 430-6511 or email us to find out just how easy it is to give your patients easier ways to connect, day or night. We have a custom plan that’s perfect for your office.

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