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OB/GYN Answering Services Go Well Beyond Babies

OB/GYN offices are unpredictable places where everything can be fine one minute and a woman can go into active labor the next. But there’s no reason to panic when you have an OB/GYN answering service backing you up.

The needs of your OB/GYN office are as personal as the nature of your office itself. But that’s ok with an OB/GYN answering service. After all, these telephone professionals are great at creating the ideal service configuration to meet your office’s needs. With HIPAA-trained and fully-compliant employees on the phone, there’s nothing to fear but really excellent service for your gynecological patients, 24 hours a day.

The Best OB/GYN Answering Service For Your Practice

Answering Service Care has been servicing medical offices like yours since 1974, so we’ve “been there and done that.” Gynecologist answering services are designed with your patients needs in mind, which is why they include such diverse options as:

Handling appointments over the phone can be a huge time sink, especially if your patients often need to change or cancel those same appointments later because of child care conflicts. Instead of tying up your office staff, a dedicated appointment setting queue can handle the load, no matter how often your patients call. Because their software will update your calendar in real time, you’ll always know what’s going on with your patients, too.

Things happen fast in the OB/GYN arena, but call transfers can happen faster. Whether you prefer patients in distress are warm or cold transferred to you or an on-call person, you never have to worry about your tough cases after you leave the office. We’ll be on the job, ready to pass patients right to you if and when needed.

It’s important that you get time to yourself to rest and recharge, but sometimes your patients need you in a way that can’t be denied. In these cases, Follow Me is an incredibly valuable tool that helps us locate you, no matter where you might be. Just give us a list of phone numbers where you might be going and we’ll ring them either by priority or all at once until someone picks up.

Even with your full time staff, there are times during the day when your call volume is brutal. That’s where overflow call answering can help. You don’t have to answer calls in rapid fire succession or hope that callers you couldn’t pick up will either call back or leave a voicemail. We’ll ask all the right questions and take a meaningful message that you can return when the surge has died down. 

Answering Service

Our Name Says All: We Care

It takes a village to raise a child,” the old saying goes, but at Answering Service Care, we believe it takes a team of dedicated telephone professionals to help safeguard your OB/GYN patients when you’re away. Give us a call at (800) 430-6511 today to find out just how affordable a gynecologist answering service can be.

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