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When you’re looking for a business partner to handle your phone traffic, it’s vital to choose a HIPAA medical answering service to protect both your practice and your patients.

Answering services that aren’t HIPAA-compliant may save a lot of money up front, but they can cost medical offices tens of thousands of dollars in the long run when patient health information is mishandled.

A HIPAA Medical Answering Service Matters

Searching for a business partner to help with your callers can be a challenging process, especially if you run a medical office.

There’s a lot to consider, but one thing you may not have thought about yet is HIPAA compliance. Since your future telephone operators will be handling patient health information, it’s vital that you choose a HIPAA “business associate” medical answering service that actually follows HIPAA to the letter of the law. A little bit of prevention can insulate your practice against costly fines and loss of patient confidence.

Answering Service Care is a HIPAA medical answering service that’s fully compliant with the most recent rules and regulations regarding patients and their personal health information. 

Live HIPAA Compliant Answering Service

Adherence to both HIPAA and HITECH are the highest priorities for our medical answering service teams, we demonstrate this through:

HIPAA Compliant Answering Service
  • Secure, Proprietary Messaging Software. Plain faxes, emails and SMS simply won’t do for HIPAA, since it’s too easy to intercept these forms of communication. Because of this, we’ve developed a proprietary messaging tool that allows you to receive encrypted messages from patients that protects their PHI from the moment it’s entered into the system until you choose to delete the message from your inbox.
  • Ongoing HIPAA/HITECH Training. One of the most important elements of maintaining good HIPAA compliance is ensuring that our people understand the laws well. That’s why we invest so heavily in training our team in every change in HIPAA and HITECH guidelines as they happen. Our information is always up to date because we know how much it matters.
  • Software and Hardware Upgrades. Our people should always be learning, but so should our computers. After all, they all have weaknesses that can be exploited. We keep our software patched and up to date and our firewalls running optimally to ensure that hackers can’t get into information that should otherwise remain private.
  • Physical Security. With so much focus on digital security, many companies forget about the physical. When it comes to HIPAA, it’s still vital to have locked doors for rooms and cabinets that contain HIPAA information and important that we shred any paperwork that might contain PHI. We do this and more, carefully limiting who goes into rooms where medical information is handled.

We take HIPAA seriously!

Any HIPAA medical answering service should, but sadly, that’s not always the case. At Answering Service Care, we’ve been helping companies like yours since 1974 and our experience shows. Call us today at 800.430.6511 or email us to get started with your personalized medical answering service quote or to learn more about our internal HIPAA compliance guidelines.

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