Answering Service


Reassure patients while relieving staff

The medical profession demands coverage around the clock every day of the year, and telephone communication between healthcare providers and their patients, and between colleagues is a constant challenge. Answering Service Care  is the medical answering service with the best solutions to these demands.

No other profession is required to be on call all the time, with this level of critical care involved. An excellent telephone answering service is pivotal to any healthcare practice, whether it’s a large or small office practice, a medical clinic or hospital facility, or a solo practitioner.


Clients Count on Medical Answering Services

Is your staff on every shift encumbered by heavy phone traffic? That’s probably the case, but your patients still count on somebody answering your phones every time and all the time. They gain tremendous peace of mind when they can always reach their healthcare provider; they count on that as part of their overall healthcare strategy. It’s up to you, the practitioner, to balance your staffing requirements with your budget, while still meeting patient expectations. Answering Service Care is the medical answering service agency that can fill that gap, both efficiently and cost effectively.


You Can Count on Answering Service Care

In business since 1974 , Answering Service Care is a proven telephone answering service that has served the medical community with particular care and attention. Their fully trained, English-speaking team of professional receptionists will follow your exact instructions to the letter on every phone call. You can rely on Answering Service Care  to relieve the burden of stressful telephones, and better allocate your staff to fulfill in-office needs.   Just as you are the expert in healthcare delivery, leave medical telephone answering services to the experts at Answering Service Care.


We Treat All Your Callers As You Would Treat Them ~ We Are Part Of Your Team

  • Live medical answering service
  • Alert, accurate, sensitive receptionists
  • Protects callers privacy
  • Routing calls to your exact specification
  • Emergency and urgent message-relay response
  • Doctor to doctor consultation calls
  • Prescription dispatch
  • Lab results protocol
  • Answering Service Care is HIPAA COMPLIANT


Partner with Answering Service Care

Before long, Answering Service Care – medical- telephone answering receptionists will become an extension of your practice. You’ll come to rely on them and their prompt expedition of all your calls. Your patients will come to rely on their prompt and courteous responses, all done with utmost respect for client confidentiality. Answering Service Care will fulfill all of your needs for a smooth and sharp telephone answering system, while saving you any expansion of in-house employees. Contact    this award-winning family-owned business today. Trust Answering Service Care to be your healthcare practice’s medical answering service.