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Making Sure You Have Medical Answering Service Holiday Coverage

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Your medical office is a busy place, but it gets even crazier during the holiday season.

Not only are your employees often taking vacation time to travel and visit relatives during this time of year, but patients are also trying to take as much advantage of their insurance policies as possible. The end result is the kind of bedlam where you wish you had three clones of yourself to help keep up the pace. Fortunately, medical answering services understand what you’re going through and are ready to help.

Medical Answering Services Can Fill Your Holiday Gaps

It doesn’t make good business sense to hire a new employee for the holiday season when you’re running a medical office — the extra help would never justify the expense of training and additional overhead involved. Unfortunately, your phones are still ringing off the hook, patients are waiting in long lines for receptionists to finish with callers and your office staff is stressed beyond belief. What you need is a cost-effective alternative to another worker.

An answering service company is the perfect partner for your holiday hiccups. These outside services can provide a number of services to your office, including:

Appointment Scheduling. This time of year, appointment scheduling can be a serious distraction to your employees, especially when the phones are ringing off the hook and the office is full. Instead of giving your in-person customers your divided attention, an answering service can handle the appointments so your staff can focus on the people in front of them.

Overflow Call Answering. Even the best staff can’t catch all your calls when the office is busy. Without a dedicated receptionist, some callers will end up hanging up instead of waiting for someone to get to the phone. An overflow call answering service ensures that your patients don’t have to wait, and you’ll get a tidy call log for callbacks.

After-Hours Call Screening. Holiday accidents are unfortunate and often unavoidable. Whether your patient burned themselves on the stove or fell off a ladder trying to hang Christmas lights, they’re calling you because they believe they’re in serious trouble. Having an answering service in place that can handle call screening will help weed out the callers who can wait to see you until the next day from those who need prompt medical attention, allowing you to enjoy more family time and off-hours celebrations.

HIPAA-Compliance and Answering Services

Medical answering services can be the perfect holiday partner, freeing you to focus on patient care. However, because of HIPAA, it’s important that you choose your answering service carefully. You’ll need to pick a partner who is as concerned with patient health information as you are. Data security, frequent technology updates and constant training will ensure that your medical answering service is doing all they can to remain HIPAA-compliant.

You don’t have to struggle through the stressful holiday season alone — not when you can so easily find a partner to handle the phone for you. Save time, save money and save your sanity by choosing a medical answering service to help cover the last two long months of the year.


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