Lodi New Jersey Answering Service

Owing its name to an Italian city, Lodi is one of the numerous Bergen County, NJ boroughs and has a population approaching 25,000. Lodi attained borough status in December of 1894 when portions of the Lodi and Saddle River Townships were taken to form the current day borough. Interestingly enough, as unique as the city’s name sounds, there is also a Lodi, CA located in the central part of the state. Being a city in Bergen County, Lodi is part of the area regarded as the Gateway region. Additionally, Bergen County in general has an unemployment rate that averages about half of what the national average currently is. For instance, Lodi’s unemployment with residents aged 25 or older is only 4.7%. Oddly enough, nearly 25% of the working residents commute out of the city to work their jobs. However, and just like with the majority of most Bergen County boroughs, the business community in the city is doing remarkably well when you compare it to the US economy in general.

Businesses in Lodi are benefiting from a live answering service

The primary reason for the successes experienced by so many smaller, family operated businesses in the area is that they have employed the services of a live New Jersey answering service to expand and grow their companies out of the local area into the regional and national arena. Additionally, they have used other business solutions to increase their sales and profitability at the same time. If you’ve had concerns about how well your incoming call load is being taken care of or how well your sales staff is addressing your customer’s needs, maybe it’s time to consider the use of a live answering service in Lodi. Answering Service Care is a full-service, family-owned and operated entity that has been providing live answering service capabilities and other business solutions to companies throughout the US since 1974. In so many words, we are your one-stop-shop a Lodi live answering service is concerned.

Take advantage of our basic services and more

One of the benefits to using Answering Service Care is the broad range of services and business solutions that we can customize to facilitate the needs of your company. Our standard line of services includes:
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you’ll have live phone answering support including holidays, weekends, and even if there is a natural disaster
  • cost-effective, highly efficient message retrieval and delivery
  • local and toll-free phone numbers
  • no voice mail system, only live receptionists to handle your clients or customers
These are basic services that we include in our Lodi live answering service packages. If you would like more advanced, feature-rich services and business solutions, Answering Service Care can provide those, too. In addition to the above, you can integrate the following services into your live answering service in Lodi:
  • call center operations that are never outsourced (we are a US-based company)
  • eCommerce solutions for your website if you have taken your business online
  • fulfillment services so that you can improve your product distribution and warehousing capabilities
  • IVR (interactive voice response)to direct your clients or customers to the appropriate department immediately without leaving them on hold
For more information regarding our full line of services and business solutions, or to answer any of your questions about a live answering service in Lodi, please contact us at the toll-free phone number listed at the top of this page. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.
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