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Why a Live Answering Service is Better for Businesses

When you’re searching for an answering service for your business, it can be difficult to sort through the different options. Should you choose an automated service, a traditional answering machine, a phone tree service to direct calls to individual voicemail boxes, or a live answering service?

Why Choose a Live Operator for After Hours Calls

While all of these call answering options are popular, not every one may be right for your business. However, if you’re concerning about offering quality customer service, live call answering is always preferred over automated services, or machines. How often have you found yourself frustrated over calling a business for help or information, only to be stuck in a maze of automated responses and questions that never seem to take you to the right place? Automated call systems can be infuriating, especially if you’re already upset when you dial a business for help. Don’t let your customers suffer the same fate if you care about your level of customer satisfaction and service. You can provide a live, professional operator to provide instant assistance for your clients with services from Answering Service Care.

Many customers call after hours just to get basic information, like your operating hours, fax number, or physical address. A live answering service can provide this information and leave a positive impression with these callers, instead of leaving them with frustration when they can’t get the information they’re after with an automated call system or a busy signal.

Live Answering Services
Answering Service

Answering Service Care Gets the Info You Need

Using a live answering service also helps your callers express their needs better. Instead of fumbling for the right words or being cut off by an answering system, your callers can explain their reason for calling, and provide complete information when an operator asks them for pertinent info before hanging up. A live operator keeps you from losing business due to a missing or indecipherable call back number, name, or reason for calling. With accurate and reliable message relay, Answering Service Care’s live operators collect the information you need to meet your customer’s needs.

After hours calls happen in nearly any industry, but some experience high call volumes on weekends and weeknights. Some of these businesses include:

  • medical professionals
  • legal practices
  • construction companies
  • real estate agents
  • plumbers
  • air conditioning repair companies
  • independant insurance agents or brokers
  • electricians

A Superior Live Answering Service.

In business since 1974, Answering Service Care is a true leader in the industry. We’d like to show you – and your callers – just why this is. We don’t outsource, we are fully-U.S.-based and we offer bilingual answering service options, among many other reasons. We believe in technology, and we believe in people, too. Call today at (800) 430-6511 or send us a message.

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