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The Situation

Entrepreneur and lawyer Frank Newman was struggling to respond to his clients in a timely manner. Most of his day was spent in ‘court’ which limited his ability to answer the calls of his clients.

The Challenge

Because the legal industry is extremely competitive and often complicated, outsourcing any aspect of a law firm may prove detrimental to the success of the company. Any advice given to a caller over the telephone may equate to a law suit (towards the law firm) for malpractice.

The Solution

Having offered Legal Telephone Answering Service for nearly four decades, Answering Service Care was able to reassure Frank that his law firm would be in excellent hand. Our trained and efficient customer service representatives are professional and taught to only take detailed messages and to never offer any legal advice.

[quote style=”1″]It took a lot for me to admit that I needed help answering my calls”, Frank admitted. “I knew the liability that a potential error of the answering service could mean for my practice.[/quote]

In 2001, nine years after Frank graduated from the University Of Michigan School Of Law, he opened a private practice. Shortly after the success of his first case the law firm was ushered into an era of success. With this success however call volume spiked and it was obvious that his receptionist would need additional help. But the cost of hiring a second receptionist was not in Frank’s budget. Being firmly new to legal industry, he would need to invest in areas that would generate income for the practice. “Hiring a new receptionist meant: budgeting a monthly salary, preparing a benefit package and reorganizing the office to accommodate him/her, which would mean purchasing new equipment”, Frank shared.

The next few days as the law firm was continuously bombarded with telephone calls, Frank began looking into cost efficient ways to answer your telephone. After reading up on telephone answering services and calling a few Frank realized that the best solution to his problem was to hire an answering service to handle the over flow of telephone calls.

“A friend of mine who lived in Fort Lauderdale mentioned that he was using an answering service”, Frank explained. “So I called him and gathered the information for the company”.

The answering service referred to Frank was Answering Service Care; a family owned and operated business for almost forty years. After speaking to a representative of the answering service, Frank decided employ the services of Answering Service Care but under three stipulations:

  1. The company was to never offer that they are the answering service – because of the stigma attached to companies with answering services Frank would rather his clients both potential and existing to feel as though they were speaking to a direct member of his team. This was not an issue of Answering Service Care as that was common practice. Operators are trained to portray that they are an extension of the company.
  2. The answering service was to never offer any legal advice – once again this common practice for our employees. Answering Service Care is in the business of customer service and customer satisfaction, we take detailed messages and relay immediately and directly to you, so you can follow up with your clients.
  3. Everything that is done on behalf of the law firm must be customizable – which is also achievable. Everything offered by our answering service from the answer phrase to the closing is completely customizable.

“One of the best decisions that I made for my company was hiring Answering Service Care” Frank boasted. “Even though we don’t use the service as often as we did in 2002 we are very much pleased with the company and their answering service. The operators are friendly and they make you feel like you have called a company worth doing business with”.

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