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Answering Service Care is the best answering service for lawyers and attorneys because we are extremely accurate, strictly confidential, and are experts in the field of managing telephone answering services and systems. Answering Service Care recognizes the urgent nature of all lawyers – client communications, and the critical content of each call heightened by the need for sensitivity and security. As you are the specialists in all matters legal, so are we in all matters of client – caller answering services. Leave your legal answering service to us, the message relay specialists.

Lawyers and Attorneys Depend On Legal Answering Services

As anyone in the legal profession knows, it’s all about communication; whether it’s between a team of attorneys, between a judge and attorney, between opposing counsel, and most especially between the lawyer and his client. In any event, communication in the legal profession is complex and multi-layered. It’s essential that a practicing attorney or lawyer have a legal answering service to effectively manage their client communications. It’s an essential resource. The clients you represent are counting on conveying pressing information, and receiving your vital reply. Leading the answering service industry since 1974, Answering Service Care has the longevity, experience, and technology that lawyers and attorneys have come to depend upon.

Accuracy: Our highly trained legal answering service professionals answer incoming calls and record messages with utmost accuracy.   They adhere to your specific instructions exactly. They can answer general questions about your legal practice, screen and transfer callers, and pay close attention to time sensitive or emergency situations.

Confidentiality: In every instance, our legal answering service professionals protect confidentiality at all times. Only Answering Service Care offers quality control assurance through detailed training so that every telephone answering service professional understands the lawyer – client confidentiality directive. All of our legal telephone answering service personnel are based in the USA and are fluent English speakers, so there is no gap in communication. However, we can provide bi-lingual phone answering service professionals as well.

Phone Answering Service Experts: Time, experience, and technology allow Answering Service Care to be the experts who will support your legal communications. Our team will become an extension of your office, they’ll manage your telephone communications 24 /7, 365 days per year. Your callers will never be frustrated by answering machines, busy signals, or inefficient automated systems. They’ll have access to you days, nights, weekends, or holidays; placing no extra burden on your office staff.

Your Legal Practice Needs Answering Service Care

If you are a practicing lawyer or attorney, partner with Answering Service Care and allow us to ensure that your legal telephone answering system is functioning to its fullest. You can have full confidence in our professional telephone answering team, who is ready to deliver telephone answering services to suit your particular need and budget. Route your next call to us, and we’ll do the rest with accuracy, confidentiality, and expertise.

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