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Is Menu Tree The Same Service As Auto Attendant?

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In a word, yes.

Menu Tree, aka Auto Attendant, is an add-on to your regular answering services that routes your callers easily and quickly.

What does Menu Tree (Auto Attendant) do? As its name implies, Menu Tree/Auto Attendant is an automated attendant that gets your callers to an extension or to the information they seek without the intervention of a receptionist or operator at the start. Whether your caller wants to reach a live operator or a specific person at a specific extension, auto attendant can also get them there without making them feel they are wasting time or waiting too long.

The automated attendant system serves two very important and distinct purposes: It replaces a live operator and it routes calls. In addition to sending your callers to a landline extension within the physical location of your business or practice, Menu Tree can also route them to other phones, such as your home phone, a mobile phone or a VoIP virtual phone line.

Efficiency…and peace of mind. One of the great things about having a menu tree system in place is that you and your team can rest easy knowing that your incoming calls are being handled and routed efficiently at all hours of the day or night, 24/7. Many smaller organizations love this feature, as it makes them appear larger, perhaps with multiple departments and personnel for all issues and queries.

Customizable. You can customize the auto attendant script and paths based on your needs and the needs of your callers. Some options for the automated attendant could include:

  • Welcome callers with a customized company greeting.
  • You may have different day/night (open/closed) modes and messages
  • Specific extensions for employees or departments
  • Dial 1 for support, 2 for sales, 3 for billing
  • Send to a live operator
  • Leave a voicemail for a specific person or department
  • Select a specific person by their first or last name using the keypad
  • Automated messages with general information such as store hours and directions

When designed with your callers’ needs, issues and common questions in mind, the Auto Attendant (Menu Tree, Automated Attendant, sometimes called Virtual Receptionist as well) feature can be one of the most useful and helpful you could choose to use as part of your answering services package.

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