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Industry Spotlight: Pool Company Answering Service

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Running a pool company isn’t quite as relaxing as hanging out poolside, but you can feel a little more at ease with the help of a pool company answering service.

These specialized answering services are designed with your business and customers in mind. Whether your regulars need their pool opened for the year or a new potential customer is having problems with their pool equipment, they need the assurance that you’ll be right there and you could probably use the help keeping track of all the calls that are pouring in.

The Benefits of a Pool Company Answering Service

Hiring a pool company answering service means that you suddenly have all the telephone help you could ever need at your fingertips. Since you only pay when they’re actually taking calls, a pool answering service can be a great option for pool companies both large and small, or those that are growing rapidly.

These are just a few of the offerings an answering service can bring to the pool party:

  • Overflow calling. Even if you normally answer your own calls, there will be times that you simply can’t pick up because you’re on the other line or with another customer. Instead of forcing that call to voicemail and hoping they leave a message, an answering service can take the reins and either assist the caller or take a detailed message so you know exactly how to help.
  • Customer service. You probably get a lot of the same questions over and over from new potential clients or even long-standing customers. They might be asking about your rates or your hours of business or what sorts of services you offer, specifically, but as long as you provide your answering service partner with this information they can help you match customers with services all day long.
  • Appointment scheduling. Pool companies don’t last long without appointments, but it can be really time consuming to keep and update an appointment book. Instead of wasting your valuable time on paperwork anyone could be doing, ask your pool company answering service about a dedicated appointment setting service. This way your customers can make, change and cancel appointments on a schedule that works for them.
  • Emergency calls. Pool emergencies might not be common, but they happen. And when your clients are having an emergency, there’s no one else they can trust to take care of their problems. You can’t possibly be awake all day and all night on the off chance there might be an issue, but your answering service has plenty of staff in shifts around the clock.

    They can help determine if there’s an actual emergency or if the caller can wait until morning. Those callers who need you right away can be patched straight through so you can give them the excellent service you’ve come to be known for.

Your clients love you, but there are only so many hours in a day. Help yourself and your callers by hiring a pool company answering service. You’ll finally be able to relax in your downtime knowing that your clientele are getting excellent service from your answering service partner.

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