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Industry Spotlight: Answering Services For Massage Therapists

Answering Service For Massage Therapist
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Although it’s your job to create a relaxing environment for your clients, it can be anything but calming to run a massage therapy facility.

If constantly juggling customer appointments and a telephone that rings non-stop with inquiries about your services and hours doesn’t leave a lot of time for taking care of other aspects of your business, like marketing or even basic bookkeeping—it might be time to call in some help!

Rather than hiring an expensive full-time receptionist, though, you may want to give an answering service a try. Often for a fraction of the cost of an in-house staffer, you’ll find you can increase your customer reach and get access to a professionally trained team of telephone operators who can handle however many calls may come your way.

Here are just a few services answering services can offer massage therapists:

  • Overflow call answering. Even once you’ve hired an answering service, you can still answer your own phone and let them pick up the slack when you can’t get there in time.Whether the phone’s ringing because you’re with a client or because you’re on the other line, overflow answering is designed to take your place when you can’t be there to take care of a client. All you need to do is arm your answering service with some basic information about your business, including answers to frequently asked questions, and they’ll be able to easily function as if they’re in the same building as you are.
  • After hours call answering. You might not think of massage therapy as being a business that gets a lot of after-hours calling, but you’d be surprised at the number of callers who don’t know what your hours are. They may be inquiring about basic information, asking for your business hours or looking to get your web address so they can learn more on their own time.This is the best way to make a great first impression on new customers and create a convenient contact method for your existing clientele. After hours answering services can take messages or help callers with basic inquiries, depending on your preferences.
  • Appointment setting. Without appointment setting, a massage therapist’s business would dissolve into chaos, but it’s a time consuming job that can become a full-time occupation when more than one massage therapist is in the same office.You can share this job with your answering service, with your in-house staff handling all the clients who want to schedule while on site and your answering service taking care of the callers who want to set, reschedule or cancel appointments over the phone. Since your answering service will use a software system that’s easy to integrate with what you’re already using, there’s no risk that your calendar will accidentally get double-booked or that clients will fall through the cracks. Answering service appointment setting turns your chaos into beautiful scheduling efficiency.

Massage therapists and answering services can forge hugely beneficial partnerships, especially if the massage therapist is clear about their expectations and needs up front. A quality answering service can create a customized plan for your business that’ll take care of your customers in a way that’s unique to them and lets them know they’re still getting the customized care they’ve become accustomed to while working with your business.

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