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Increase Customer Loyalty with a Telephone Answering Service

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Loyal customer bases are vital to businesses that wish to stay afloat and grow. In today’s economy, we cannot stress the importance of customer loyalty efforts enough.One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase customer loyalty is to partner with a telephone answering service. An answering service can help you earn your customers’ trust so they continue to support to your company even as the market ebbs and flows over time.

Below we will answer and discuss the following questions to show how an answering service can improve customer service and increase customer loyalty:

  • What does a telephone answering service do?
  • How does a telephone answering service improve customer service?
  • How does a telephone answering service increase customer loyalty?

What does a telephone answering service do?

Obviously, a telephone answering service answers a business’s incoming calls, but it does so much more than that. The live agents at a telephone answering service can schedule appointments, provide general information about the business, qualify leads, transfer calls, and take detailed messages.

Regardless of how much experience a small- to medium-business owner may have in their field, there are many reasons why enlisting the help of a professional answering service is a good idea. People skills are a profession in and of themselves; friendly, compassionate people with great attitudes are good for business. A person who is skilled at plumbing, electrical wiring, or accounting may or not be great with customer service. A telephone answering service makes sure that a business displays professionalism, friendliness, and attention to detail every time a call comes in.

How does a telephone answering service improve customer service?

The digital age has changed the way people inquire about services, make purchases, schedule appointments, and much more. Today’s customers and prospects want options when it comes to how and when they contact your business.

Whether your customers prefer talking at noon or midnight, via phone or text message, our friendly live agents are ready to assist them 24/7. Here are some valuable features our answering service offers to help businesses provide better customer service:

  • Trained, experienced live agents
  • Bilingual live agents
  • Afterhours support
  • HIPAA-compliant answering services
  • Agentless payments
  • SMS text messaging answering services

In addition to improving customer service, partnering with an answering service frees you and your staff up to focus on running your business. Handling every aspect of customer communications can be extremely difficult for a business owner who is already juggling a million things. An answering service ensures that your customers receive five-star service while you and your staff focus on what you do best.

How does a telephone answering service increase customer loyalty?

Successful business owners know that loyal customers are what keeps companies afloat. Loyal customers spend more than occasional customers and are more likely to refer your business to a family member or friend, which is why focusing on repeat business is a necessity.

According to a Microsoft study, 90% of consumers consider customer service to be important in their choice of a brand. Simply put, delivering better customer service leads to increased customer loyalty. Here are some of the ways a telephone answering service can help boost customer satisfaction and loyalty:

  • Answering services provide personalized customer service, which can give your small business an edge over a large company.
  • Most customers will only give you one chance to make a great impression. An answering service ensures their call will be answered, and that they will have a great experience.
  • Partnering with an answering service ensures that your customers will spend more time speaking with a friendly live agent, and less time leaving voicemails and waiting on hold.
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