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How To Save Money On Your Answering Service Bill

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Partnering with an answering service company can be a huge boon to your business, but it does come with a price.

Usually, that price is small and much more affordable than hiring a live telephone operator in-house, but if your budget is very tight, even that amount of billing might feel excessive. Some small businesses really are leaving money on the table with their answering services each and every month, we’ll help you find more ways to save.

Saving Money and Improving Call Handling

When you first signed up with your answering service, you only needed a basic service and not much attention at all.

As your business has grown, however, it feels like your answering service isn’t doing as good of a job at being a cost-saver. This is a common problems operations like yours experience, but the good news is that it’s probably no one’s fault. Often, the issue is that your needs have changed in some way and the package that was customized for you a year ago no longer really fits the bill.

Check out these tips to help shrink your answering service costs:

  • Update your on-call file online. If you maintain an on-call file, you’re probably updating it frequently with your answering service. Many businesses do this by calling the service and asking the operator to manually enter the changes. This is actually a pretty costly practice with most answering services, since it eats up resources that can be used elsewhere.Instead of asking your service to do this simple task for you, ask for the details for updating your on-call schedule yourself online. It’ll save you time and money, both are things any small business owner can use!
  • Choose more efficient call forwarding options. Too often businesses set up all-or-nothing call forwarding, basically treating their answering service as all on or all off. You can actually take advantage of something that’s more in the middle and only use your answering service when you need it.By choosing to forward your calls on a busy signal or after a certain number of rings, it gives you the option to answer your calls yourself when you’re available. It’s amazing how much money you can save by letting your regular receptionist or staff members handle some of your incoming callers.
  • Upgrade to avoid extra fees. Sometimes, it simply pays to upgrade and avoid extra fees, no matter if you’re talking about cell phone service or answering services. many companies offer packages with standard levels of service, but the problem with these is that if you ever need to use anything outside of your package, you’ll pay a pretty penny for access.Sit down with your ill and look hard, are there extra fees for using certain features? If so, call your answering service and find out what it would cost to upgrade to a package that includes those options.

Having an answering service partner should be a cost-saver by default. If it seems to be costing you more than you think is reasonable, however, it’s time to look your plan over and try some DIY. Even after doing those things you can yourself, you may want to ask your service to help you design a custom plan that will save even more.

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