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How To Find A Top 10 Answering Service

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A business like yours deserves the very best when it comes to an answering service partner, that’s why you won’t accept anything less than one of the top ten best answering services around.

But how do you find them? Where do the voices behind the curtain work their magic?

As it turns out, it’s not that difficult to find a top 10 answering service, as long as you’re willing to put a little time into investigating each company carefully so you can determine which of those elite performers will be the best fit for your company.

Where to Find the Leaders of the Pack

Because the work that answering services do is mainly behind the scenes, they’re not going to have names that you’ll readily recognize, even if you’re dealing with the biggest answering service companies in the nation.

Their jobs are to be the support behind successful companies, they’re at their best when no one realizes they’re even there. Even so, when you want to hire an answering service, you have to start somewhere.

Here are a few rocks to overturn:

  • Check out Google. Perhaps it’s not an original thought, but as the purveyor of all information ever, Google will know which answering services are top performers, at least according to customer reviews.Review aggregator sites can be useful to see a more broad view, or you can check out publications more targeted to B2B relationships. You’ll be surprised how many people are happy to give their experiences and opinions of even the top answering service companies.
  • Ask around. Your professional network can be an exceptional resource when you’re looking for corporate services like answering service companies. Not only can you ask specific questions of businesses more like your own revolving around their experiences with particular answering services, you can get an idea about the pricing involved with hiring the very best in the industry.
  • Look to industry news. Often, the top answering services will continue to advertise in trade magazines because no business contract is eternal. They need new clients just like you do. So, pick up a trade magazine (or go online) and see who’s advertising for answering services and then do a quick online reputation search to see if they’re everything they claim to be.

Are you looking for one of the best answering services out there? It can be a tricky balance to find a place where quality and pricing equalize, but if you take your time and carefully consider what services or features would best benefit your company, then approach answering service providers that offer those options, you’ll save yourself a lot of anguish.

Whether you’re looking for 24/7 answering, bilingual operators or virtual receptionists, it doesn’t matter how well a company is rated if they simply can’t accommodate your needs. Since you can literally choose from any company, anywhere, you’ll have lots of opportunities to make just the right match and find your top answering service.

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