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How Smartphones Affect Your Business

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According to Pew Research, 68 percent of American adults now own a Smartphone — including business owners and customers alike.

So many mobile users means widespread implications for your company, even if you’re not running a hot, new eCommerce operation. Just how do Smartphones affect your business today?

Smartphones in the Office

For many businesses, Smartphones in the office mean an increase in productivity and the ability to get more done on the go. A 2013 Cisco survey found that 90 percent of workers use their phones for work purposes and 69 percent are at least expected to answer their emails after work hours. But email isn’t everything your Smartphone can do in your office — not by a long shot.

Here are a couple of ways your favorite mobile device can make a big difference:

Acting as a personal organizer. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of that pile of paperwork, get through your call log or just remember that you’re supposed to meet a client for lunch on a hectic Tuesday. Setting up a calendar that’s linked to your Smartphone will provide it the chance to remind you of these important events, as well as giving you a place to jot notes and schedule new meetings and conferences no matter where you are.

Providing the power of social media on the go. Among the many other things a Smartphone can do, it gives you immediate access to social media, a keyboard and a decent point and shoot camera all in one place. You can compose Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos while you’re out and about, building your brand with hashtags and new content instead of recycled and very tired memes.

Smartphones and Your Customers

Mobile devices are and will continue to affect how your office functions, but they are also increasingly affecting how your customers find and access your services. Though some people will undoubtedly continue to use traditional methods like referrals and word of mouth to find you, many new customers will need to be funneled in from advertising that is increasingly digital.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind about mobile viewers:

Phone screens are growing, but they’re still small. The format of Smartphones means that many types of advertising are barely visible on the screen, so you’ll have to try a little harder to get attention on mobile. A social media presence is an easy way to get started, sites like Facebook and Instagram give you the tools to market directly to Smartphone users in a very visible format.

Remember responsive website design. Converting your existing website to a responsive design or building a responsive design from scratch allows your visitors to smoothly transition between desktop, tablet and mobile, which is highly appealing to customers. Once they’re on your site, you want to keep them shopping or reading, after all.

While you’re pondering ways to make Smartphones more useful in your office and collect more Smartphone traffic for your business, don’t forget that you’ll need someone in place to handle those new customers you’re busy creating. According to Pew, 91 to 94 percent of Smartphone users still make voice calls at least once every 14 days — if you’re the lucky recipient of that call, your answering service should be ready to provide the very best customer service possible.

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