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How Much Does an Answering Service Cost?

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Any time a business owner considers outsourcing to an answering service, one of the first considerations that come to mind is ‘how much does an answering service cost?’ Although an answering service can initially seem like an additional cost, they are surprisingly affordable and cost-effective. They can offer enormous value to a variety of different businesses

When business owners consider outsourcing call handling, many first think of bargain-basement overseas call centers. They think of personnel speaking English as a second or third language, who do their best to handle complex queries they are not sufficiently briefed on to render the appropriate aid to customers. However, that doesn’t have to be the rule. There are answering services such as Answering Service Care, which only operate within the United States and offer highly-trained customer service professionals with years of experience. From providing overall cost and time savings, to an increased level of excellent customer service that leads to an enhanced brand image and increased revenue, here’s how an answering service can bring real value to your business.

What Is the Point of an Answering Service? 

  • An answering service eliminates the need to hire an in-house employee, helping you save on hourly labor costs, benefits, management, and overhead expenses.
  • A call answering service offers 24-hour accessibility availability. Imagine: every phone answered. Your business will never miss another phone call. What could that mean for your leads? Or your sales?.
  • When outsourcing to an answering service, businesses spend less on equipment and technology.
  • A virtual receptionist can handle tasks like order processing, appointment scheduling, and serving bilingual customers, allowing you to reduce the size of your customer service team.
  • Answering services mean that incoming calls, scheduling, even simple business queries, can be handled by a professional external service. Fewer things to worry about while running a business, which frees up time for you to focus on the aspects of your business that only you can do: strategy, management, and securing new partnerships and relationships.

Does a Receptionist or an Answering Service Cost More?

The cost of an answering service starts at $39 per month for 40 minutes, and it includes the options listed below. If your business experiences a higher call volume, or you are looking for additional service add-ons, other pricing options are available.

  • 24/7 coverage
  • Free email relay
  • Free SMS relay
  • Free local number
  • Online portal access

The pricing models for answering services charge substantially less than it costs to employ a receptionist. The average front desk receptionist in the United States makes approximately $30,000 a year, which doesn’t even take into account the ancillary costs of employing someone (estimated to be between 1.25 and 1.4 times an employee’s take-home pay), or training. Compared to the monthly billing of even a high-volume service, there’s no comparison between the economy of answering service pricing and the cost of in-house employees.

Customizing Answering Services for Clients’ Needs

Here at Answering Service Care, we understand that every business is unique, and we are happy to work with you to create a custom bundle that fits your business’ needs and budget. Our friendly team members are available to discuss your needs and provide advice as to what makes the most sense for your business. We will never sell you services that you don’t need, nor would we recommend something that doesn’t make sense for your business. Our goal is to help medium-sized and small business owners grow their companies so that our services continue to be in greater and greater demand.

Before shopping around for a call answering service, it’s important for business owners to consider what their needs are. Here are just a few of the things that an answering service can help with:

  • Basic call answering services to ensure that all of your business’ phone calls are answered, regardless of the hour.
  • Appointment scheduling, which not only frees up your time but can also help reduce no-shows and double bookings. Perfect for repair and service contractors, as well as business owners looking into legal and medical answering services.
  • Email marketing. After our live answering service agents hang up with a caller, a follow-up email is automatically generated and sent to the email address that was collected on the call. We are proud to be one of the few national answering services offering an email marketing option at this time.
  • Disaster recovery to ensure that your business has call coverage and support in the event of an emergency. Our highly trained Customer Care Specialists will step in to answer your calls, provide a sense of calmness and normalcy to callers, and deliver your messages.
  • Bilingual operators that allow your business to properly serve both Spanish- and English-speaking callers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Regardless of your needs, or the size of your enterprise, it is highly likely that you could benefit from a virtual answering service, and just as likely that it will save you money. It’s even likely that the exemplary customer service and attentiveness of Answering Service Care would make you money. After all, more than half of consumers have made additional purchases from a company after a positive customer service experience

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