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How Does A Real Estate Answering Service Work?

4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need A Live Answering Service Right Now
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Real estate is an industry where a large amount of communication takes place via telephone.  Whether it’s clients calling to ask questions about properties, other agents calling to negotiate deals, or vendors such as home inspectors and property appraisers calling to schedule appointments, a realtor’s phone never stops ringing.

Real estate agents are busy people being pulled in many different directions. Despite how hectic their days get, they must not ignore the fact that 80% of callers would rather hang up than leave a voicemail. Realtors, if you’re too busy to answer all of your incoming calls, it might be time to consider outsourcing to a real estate answering service.

What is a real estate answering service?

A real estate answering service manages both inbound and outbound business communications for realtors, real estate attorneys, property managers, and more. Not only can a virtual receptionist assist callers on your behalf, but they can also provide value by helping with the following tasks:

  • Scheduling appointments for property showings, new listing interviews, open houses, home inspections, appraisals, and more.
  • Replying to incoming communications via text message
  • Transferring phone calls
  • Passing on information when a new lead comes in
  • Answering general questions about your company and its listings
  • Providing support on nights, weekends, and holidays

How does a real estate answering service work?

Whether your real estate brokerage focuses on selling properties in one specific area, or in multiple areas, an answering service can provide value in a variety of ways. Although the virtual receptionists from a real estate answering service are not based in your office, they are able to configure their phone systems to manage your incoming calls. That way, if you are busy and unable to answer a call, your clients are still able to speak with a trained virtual receptionist.

Not only would a majority of callers rather hang up than leave a message, but most who don’t reach you on the first call will not call back. Instead, they will call your competitors. If that’s not enough to convince you of the value of a real estate answering service, here are some of the other reasons that brokerages choose to outsource to one:

  • Real estate customers value great service. Buying or selling a home is a big deal for many people, and it can be very scary and stressful for them. Part of providing excellent service is making your customers feel supported at all times, and that means being reachable when they need reassurance. Having a live person to speak with when they call, as opposed to a voicemail greeting, shows your customers that you truly care.
  • Real estate moves quickly. Hot properties sometimes sell within minutes of hitting the market. Due to the rapid pace that real estate moves at, it’s important that agents are available when their clients have a question about a home, want to schedule a property tour, or are ready to make an offer.
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