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How Does A Legal Answering Service Work?

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No matter the size of your law firm, or what type of law you practice, chances are your phones ring often. Many law professionals outsource to legal answering services to help manage these calls instead of hiring an in-house employee for a variety of reasons that we will explain. If you’re still learning what a legal answering service is, and exactly how they work, read on!

What is a legal answering service?

A legal answering service is a service that can manage both inbound and outbound business communications for lawyers, attorneys, law firms, and solo practices. In addition to taking phone calls, a live legal receptionist can help with the following tasks:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Responding to emails
  • Replying to text messages
  • Transferring calls
  • Passing on new client lead information
  • Answering general questions about the firm and its services

How does a legal answering service work?

Although they’re not based in your office, a legal answering service can configure its phone systems to manage your incoming calls. This allows your clients and prospects to speak to a trained legal answering service agent when they call, rather than being asked to leave a message.

Here are some of the reasons that law firms choose to outsource to a legal answering service:

  • An in-house legal receptionist is not always necessary today. Unless your law office gets lots of walk-in traffic or you need full-time help with tasks around the office, it may not necessary to hire an in-house employee. Both an in-house employee and a virtual receptionist can ensure that your appointments are set, your calls are answered and your messages forwarded, but an answering service can do it at a fraction of the cost. Outsourcing to a legal answering service eliminates the need to pay for recruiting, training, hourly wages or salary, and benefits, and equipment, and more.
  • A legal answering service provides backup for when you’re out of the office. Being a law professional often means working outside of the office, traveling to homes, hospitals, or prisons to meet with clients in addition to spending time in court. When you’re unavailable to speak on the phone, a virtual receptionist can ensure that your callers aren’t being sent to voicemail.
  • It gives you more time to focus on the important tasks that only you can do. A career in the legal industry often means long hours, few vacations, and not much spare time. The American Bar Foundation reports that while the median lawyer works 50 hours a week, 41% of those in large law firms worked 60 hours or more. With so much work to be done, consider outsourcing some of your simple tasks to a legal answering service. While a legal virtual receptionist cannot meet with clients and win court cases for you, having them handle the tasks listed above frees up your time to focus on better serving your clients.

Legal virtual receptionists receive specialized training about confidentiality. Each live agent is taught the ins and outs of confidential call answering and messaging, and you can rest assured knowing that they will provide private and professional services for your clients and prospects.

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