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How Do I Find an Answering Service Near Me?

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There was a time when almost every company had an office and in-house employees. Everyone came to work at the same time each day and went home at the same time.

In recent years, the internet has significantly changed the way business is done. A large amount of business is now conducted virtually, and it is not as necessary for employees to work from the office each day. This, coupled with the coronavirus outbreak, has caused many businesses to scale back and outsource to remote staff members. Although just about anything can be outsourced these days, two of the most commonly outsourced business functions are call answering and customer service.

Do I need to work with a call answering service near me?

Consumers now expect businesses to be available 24/7, and the most successful ones are. Instead of employing a staff of receptionists to answer phones around the clock, many savvy business owners are partnering with live receptionist answering services. When looking for the best answering service, don’t settle on a provider just because they are local. Instead, focus on finding a partner that offers exactly what your business needs.

Here at Answering Service Care, our educated, professional virtual receptionists are 100% U.S.-based, and they are fluent English speakers. However, if you need someone who can assist your Spanish-speaking callers, we also offer bilingual virtual assistants.

No matter what location your business is in, our team is proud to assist you and your customers. Whether you’re a real estate brokerage in Miami or a funeral home in Los Angeles, our team of virtual receptionists is here to support you!

How does a remote virtual receptionist work?

It is not necessary to work with an answering service near you because your virtual receptionist can work remotely using call forwarding. When call forwarding is activated, your incoming calls automatically forward to your virtual receptionist, who can answer on your behalf and assist with tasks like answering general questions, appointment setting, and message taking, and call routing.

Why is a remote virtual receptionist better than an employee?

  1. It’s cost-effective. Outsourcing customer service to a remote answering service allows businesses to save on office space, supplies, equipment, uniforms, training, benefits, bonuses and more.
  2. No sick days. The coronavirus outbreak has business owners concerned about their employees getting sick now more than ever before. Working with a live receptionist answering service eliminates this worry. Rest assured knowing that your calls are covered whenever they need to be.
  3. No office drama. In addition to not having to worry about your virtual receptionist calling in sick, you also don’t have to worry about issues like sexual harassment, bullying, racism, favoritism, and office romances getting in the way of work.
  4. You can increase and scale back on coverage as needed. If your business is seasonal, or experiences busy and slow periods, an answering service ensures that you receive the exact amount of coverage that you need. You won’t have to pay employees to do anything on the slow days, or scramble to get everything done during the busy periods.
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