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How Can an Answering Service Grow Your Virtual Business?

Grow Your Virtual Business
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In today’s digital age, many companies are giving up brick and mortar locations in favor of conducting all business online. Small businesses have been shifting in this direction for the last several years, and the coronavirus outbreak has only strengthened this trend.

Without a brick and mortar location, the only way for customers to get in touch with a virtual business is via phone, email, and sometimes online chat or SMS text message. When someone wants to get in touch quickly, they will typically pick up the phone and call. If a customer is trying to call your virtual business, but is getting sent to voicemail repeatedly, several things may happen:

  • They may not feel valued
  • They may fear that you have taken their money and will not deliver the product or service that was paid for
  • They may vow to never do business with you again
  • They may advise their friends and family against doing business with you
  • They may damage your online reputation by writing a negative review

How can virtual businesses benefit from an answering service?

One of the easiest ways for virtual businesses to make their customers feel valued and supported is to be easily accessible. Simply picking up the phone and being available to assist your customers shows accountability, and that you value their business.

To ensure that more calls get answered and customers have great experiences, many virtual businesses partner with a call answering service. Not only is it typically cheaper than hiring remote hourly employees, but it will help you generate more revenue from repeat business and referrals.

Below we will explain three ways that outsourcing to a phone answering service can help you grow your virtual business:

Answered phone calls show that you value your customers.

When you work virtually, communication is key. Your customers want to know that you are working for them and are going to deliver. When they reach out to you, they don’t want to hear the phone ringing over and over again, or be forced to leave a voicemail.

Being reachable shows them that you care, and they will feel more relaxed as a result. If you are too busy to manage the phones yourself, or you receive a lot of calls during non-business hours, an answering service can ensure that you are covered.

When it’s easy doing business with you, clients will return.

When it comes to purchasing a product or service, nobody wants to waste more time and energy than they need to. If getting in touch with your virtual business is a headache, your customers are likely to think twice and try one of your competitors. If dealing with your business is an easy, pleasant experience, you will remain top of mind.

An answering service is often cheaper than hiring remote employees.

When you hire full or part-time employees to work remotely, you will pay them a salary or hourly rate regardless of how many calls they answer during their shift. The live agents of an answering service work as remote extensions of your team, but you only pay for the calls that they handle. Working with a call answering service also eliminates the need for you to pay for training, benefits, and equipment.

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