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Answering Service for Accountants Can Help Your Firm

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It only makes sense to optimize your budget when you’re running an accounting firm.

There are absolutely some jobs that you need to handle in-house, maybe even several, but there are lots of other things that can be managed by experts in other fields, like a telephone answering service.

Answering services are actually a very cost-effective method of expanding your business reach and ensuring that vital tasks are completed as customer- and budget-friendly as possible.

Answering Services Provide Many Options

If you’ve never hired an answering service, you may underestimate how much impact they have on your company’s day-to-day functioning. Today’s answering services do much more than simply answering the phone after hours. In fact, they can do a lot by marrying well-trained telephone operators with smart technologies to create a harmonious, and affordable, package.

Have you considered how these services could help your accounting firm?

  • Virtual receptionist or virtual office. Small accounting firms everywhere know the struggle of hiring just enough help to get the job done, but not so much that the firm goes bust. For many modern accountants, a real-life receptionist is a bit redundant and an unnecessary luxury. Instead of paying someone to wait for the phone to ring, why not only pay when a client calls? Virtual receptionists can do everything an in-house receptionist can do, including answering questions and transferring calls within your operation.
  • Interactive Virtual Response (IVR). This smart call-handling tool can reduce your dependency on human operators, cutting costs even further. They can be loaded with self-service information for callers with specific questions or programmed to summon the perfect people within your office to answer certain calls. IVR is smarter than a basic telephone tree without necessarily being more expensive.
  • Custom on-hold music. Hold music has been shown time and again to keep callers on hold longer and with a lower level of frustration, which is why most businesses implement some kind of hold music today. Most packages include randomly selected music, but they don’t give you an opportunity to upsell services your clients might need.For example, if you do corporate taxes especially well or help small businesses prepare profit and loss statements, you can insert a message within your answering service’s custom hold music saying as much so that your personal accounting clients know you can also help with their corporate books.
  • Appointment setting or appointment scheduling. Most accountants don’t take walk-ins, instead they spend a lot of time to book their own appointments. Don’t break your concentration by juggling appointment setting with accounting work, let your answering service handle this job. A high-quality, dedicated appointment-setting team uses software that interfaces with your digital calendar and will keep you updated as new clients join the roster.

An answering service is a cost-effective way to invest in your clientele without unbalancing the books. An answering service can set your appointments and automate more of your customer service. When it comes to outsourced services, an answering service is one that can pay for itself from the very first call.

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