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Here’s How An After-Hours Answering Service Can Improve Your Life

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Answering services can be a great asset to business owners for a number of reasons.

They can replace expensive in-house phone operators with a more budget-friendly alternative or help keep a business owner more organized. Believe it or not, one particular service, after-hours phone answering, can improve your life considerably.

What is an After-Hours Answering Service?

When you hire an answering service company, one of the many options you should be offered is after-hours call answering. This is a common selection for businesses that often get late night questions, like doctors, lawyers and Realtors. An after-hours answering service is a very straightforward service that allows the answering service to take over your phone lines after a certain time, usually a few minutes before you normally close for the day so there’s no chance that any calls will be missed.

As basic as it sounds, this simple service could change your life in a major way. It’s well documented that the main cause of occupational burnout is unrelenting, chronic stress. When your phone rings all the time, you never have a chance to relax or do anything but think about your business. Even when the phone isn’t ringing, you’re on edge waiting for the next call. This isn’t healthy behavior, but it’s an all-too-common experience for business owners.

Defeating Occupational Burnout

Believe it or not, an answering service is one of the best tools you can employ in the war against burnout. In an interview with Forbes, Dr. David Ballard, head of the American Psychological Association’s Healthy Workplace Program, offered some tips for handling occupational burnout before it destroys your business and your life.

First, you must learn to recognize the symptoms. If you’re exhausted, unmotivated, feeling like your work doesn’t matter, having trouble concentrating, consumed with work even when you’re not working or facing major health problems, it could be due to burnout. That means it’s time to develop a plan to deal with the stress in your life.

Dr. Ballard recommends business owners experiencing burnout immediately make some major life changes. Among those he suggests, unplugging from anything associated with work and making time for yourself rank at the top. It’s a simple thing to get your evenings back, all you need to do is outsource your calls to a telephone answering service.

When you know that a competent professional is handling those late night calls, you’ll be able to finally relax and enjoy a favorite hobby or time with your family. You’ll find that your stress level will begin to drop, making it easier to sleep at night and that the sleep you’re getting will become much more restorative. Before you know it, you’ll be excited to get to your office or store in the morning and it’ll show through in your work.

Of course, your customers will notice the difference, too, and will be coming in more often to see you since you’re once again the resource they remember. For all the intangible ways that an after-hours answering service can help improve your life, it can improve your bottom line, too. After all, happy customers are customers who will recommend you to all of their friends with enthusiasm.

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