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Seasonal businesses that rely on the weather must do as much as they can to be successful in a short period of time. For example, most landscaping and lawn care businesses around the U.S. generate a large chunk of their revenue in the summer. With that said, it is vital that they make the most of this busy time. To get as much business in a limited amount of time, many landscaping and lawn care businesses partner with answering services for the summer.

Why should I partner with an answering service for landscapers?

Landscaping and lawn care companies often partner with answering services during their busy seasons because they are cheaper and easier than hiring a temporary in-house receptionist. By the time you hire, train, and get used to a seasonal receptionist, it’s time for you to get rid of them.

When you partner with a live answering service, there is no need to house, train, or equip your professional live agents. You only pay for the calls that they take, and it’s easy to ramp up and scale back as needed. Our friendly, 100% U.S.-based agents are ready to jump in whenever you need coverage, and step back when you do not.

How can I benefit from a landscaping answering service?

In addition to being a cost-efficient solution, here are some of the ways that a live call answering service can help grow your landscaping business this summer:

It helps you convert more leads

One of the simplest ways to get new customers is to answer the phone when leads call. In today’s instant gratification society, most callers would rather hang up than leave a message. Instead, they will call all the other landscaping companies on the list until someone picks up.

A live answering service means more calls answered. Our live agents are available 24/7 to greet leads, answer questions, and book appointments. Your callers will appreciate the prompt, easy service and be pleased to work with a landscaping company that values its customers.

It frees you up to take on more customers

Converting more leads means that you are going to be servicing more customers on a regular basis. Having your phones managed by a call answering service frees you up to do just that. Go ahead and turn on that loud lawnmower or leaf blower without worrying about not hearing the phone ring. Enjoy planting a new garden without having to stop to answer incoming calls. Our live agents have you covered!

Excellent customer service leads to repeat business

A landscaping answering service helps you impress leads and grow your client roster by answering more calls. Then, it helps you create long-term customers by delivering excellent service. Not only will the grass and flowers be growing, but also your profits!

Here at Answering Service Care, we’re always looking for ways to provide the best customer service in the business. Our live agents are available around the clock to assist customers via telephone as well as text messages.

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